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Countdown to giggles (GSXR1000K6) - Now with review

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ChiggenWingz, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. The first day

  2. The first week

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  3. The second week

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  4. Within a month

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  5. Or end up tripping on a gutter, breaking my legs preventing me from riding my bike for over a month

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  1. Rehehehehe, I feel like a excitable kid that’s getting a giant present at xmas time.

    Anywho finally got a bike loan approved, so if there is no spiteful butthole at the finance company, i will hopefully getting my new GSXR-1000K6 either on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

    Looks like this :grin:

    Anywho, the bike is entirely virgin! Its been sitting on a pedestal in the bikeshop for ages, unridden, unsat on, totally shiny :shock: :cool:

    So I'm ultra excited, and I'm trying to work out the best way to deflower this bike so it lasts me a long time. I've got a feeling I'll end up keeping this bike instead of trading it in on a new bike in the coming years for something better.

    I've read so many sites that explain the ideas behind running it in/breaking it in; and damn it’s confusing. All I get out of it is basically I need to get the piston rings to seal properly VERY early on, and before I hit 100km on the bike I should have changed my oil at least once to get rid of the metal poo that builds up.

    Oils on the other hand, that’s a highly debated subject! So I'll go with a non-synthetic oil for the first few thousand Kms, then transition to synthetic at some point.

    I'M SO EXCITED, test riding the same model in the past had me giggling for ages, and I can't wait to own my own giggle machine.

    Also, I have no doubt some of you will probably want to start making betting arrangements on my eventual demise on this 1000cc monster. Will I be dead within the day, or week? :p Touch wood
  2. Re: Countdown to giggles (getting my new bike, GSXR1000K6)

    Is it from Dahlitz?
  3. Woo! Congrats. :)

    Glad to see you've apparently settled into Canberra too.

    Should have sold your ZZR to my housemate - he's about to get his own bike.

  4. Nah its from Action in Mitchel.

    If you think that it might not be a virgin, don't tell me, I'd like to let my little blissful ignorance keep me happy. :p
  5. The ZZR is going to stay in Melb as my backup bike. So if I ever pop down there on the plane, atleast I can go for a little ride if I wanna. Plus I'm trying to coax my bro into riding :LOL:
  6. Re: Countdown to giggles (getting my new bike, GSXR1000K6)

    I've read a few sites about it, but in the end i would rather follow the manufacturer's procedure... after all they did build it and spend lotsa money creating it... so when they say "dont fang its balls off in the 1st 100 kays" they're not just sayin that too tease u...

    anyway not 2 get into a debate about this and i'm sure there's a thread about this but i'm too lazy 2 search it... enjoy the beast
  7. Sorry, there's something a little wrong with a poll to predict when someone will die. Especially without an option that says, I will live a long and happy life aboard my new bike.
  8. When I bought my VTR250 I was told to just ride it like normal.

    As it was my first ever motorbike and I was only just on my L's I had no idea what "Normal" riding was.

    Did that mean I could fang it round the twisties immediately....?????

    No I didn't but I thought it was just a little vague.
  9. I chose the last poll choice because you cant die until you have paid for this beast.

    If you think this will kill you what the f&@k are you doing riding?
  10. Re: Countdown to giggles (getting my new bike, GSXR1000K6)

    I'm glad I got a good manufacturer's bike for running in. 3/4 of maximum speed for first 500kms for the "bare" start in the owners manual. http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j250/undii/daytona 675/DSC00352.jpg (So around 200km/h ;) )

    Also lots of threads about running in of bikes in forums I read and some people have anecdotal reports of absolutely flogging their bikes and no mechanical problems (for at least the 3-4 years they owned them or so. Which is about the usual time a motorbike is owned by any 1 person )

    So, take from that what you will :)
  11. Good stuff with the bike. The new 1000cc bikes are pretty tame so don't worry about hurting yourself, I think they should come with a turbo from factory then things would be a little interesting.
  12. Seems a few people don't see the humour in your poll question Dale!

    Congrats on finally making the purchase mate, I know how excited you were about the gixxer after you test rode one in Melb :grin: . It'll be one awesome ride. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it and getting up to Canberra for a visit sometime. Have fun :cool:
  13. Hmmm, not a poll i would like to answer..

    Anyhow congrats on the new bike. I jumped off a ZZR on to ZX12R.
    Its all good as long as you remember to respect the throttle, and get used to the way the bike does everything better by about 1 billion percent compared to the 250. :grin:

    Running in, well this has been bought up quite a few times on here.

    Dont over rev it especially when its cold, and the other big no no is,

    Dont load the engine up, this is definately a big no no.

    Remember, tyres, brakes, suspension are all new, so let them bedd in..

    Ride it normal. You will figure out what normal feels like on it..

    Finally go out there a damn well enjoy yourself.. :twisted:
  14. I vote for the living forever with a smile on the face option!.

    Congrats - and just enjoy.

    on running in - unless you could test two identical bikes side by side, it is just conjecture!.

    I personally would go with the don't lug it (at all) and it is ok to have a decent squirt or two theory.

    I believe the pistons should see what the top end of the rev range does, but not all at once!
  15. Dont worry guys, I don't have a death wish, the Poll is just a bit of silly dark humor fun :p

    Actually I'm thinking I might torture my self a little more, by maybe not picking up the bike until Saturday. This way i have the entire day to ride it and run it in. Whereby if I pick it up during the week, I wont be able to focus at work too well, and its an important week at work where I do need to focus and get things done.

    I'll ring up a Dyno place tommorow and see how much they'll charge if I can break-in my bike on that.
  16. Nice bike :)

    I maybe you should break it in by riding in aquaducts :p
  17. I based my poll response on the subject. I don't think a K6 is a giggle machine.
    The current rults are 12 say you will die before the month is out, to 17 saying you'll brake a leg..is not good odds.

    Please take care out there and prove me (and us 12 all) wrong.
  18. I'm drooling! I'd love the '06 600. Dreaming away.... :LOL:
  19. I clicked the first day because I'm in your will to receive it when you pass yes?

    I didn't say how you would die :).
  20. Not if I follow him around then stuff it in the back of the Suby when he stacks :LOL: