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Countdown for L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by wedge, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Well i've booked in to do my L's licence on the 30th of september :grin: , and i've just sold my car :grin: ...all the ingredients i need to buy myself a bike.
    Any tips for the L's test in NSW?

    Found my bike, getting a GS500F :)

  2. Hey mate, it's actually Ls not L's (sorry, some wise-guy once said that to me and I can't help but correct people :))
    I'm also doing my Ls but mine'll begin on the 7th of October. I have friends who have completed the course and they all said it's piss-easy as long as you're listening and following the stuff on the piece of paper they sent you (ie wear appropriate clothing etc)
    Good luck.
  3. Just pay close attention, do what the guy says, relax and take it easy.

    For example, when it comes time during the course to first take off and you just happen to stall it, don't get frustrated and rush it, you'll stall again :p. Just relax and take it easy.
  4. Hey mate,

    Just did mine on the weekend. Its really easy. All you need to do is listen to the instructions and do it. A lot is only in first gear and then later a bit of second gear. You get plenty of goes at doing each skill and it doesnt matter if you dont get it right the first time they are easy to pick up and I garuntee you will be much more confident after the first day!

    If you have ever riden a bike on a farm or anything etc...you will find it even easier.

    Relax and enjoy, its a fun weekend.
  5. hey mate yeah its easy as. just dont turn up late. they are pretty precious about that
  6. What shoes are deemed 'suitable', like skate shoes?? or like proper leather shoes, i want to be able to feel the pegs thats all :) .
  7. its pretty easy, the instructor is there to "instruct" you and assist you. although they are constantly assessing you - it is more information than an exam. they are there to help and it aimed as if you have never been on a motor bike at all. just enjoy it

    as for the theory test - if you fail that the RTA should take away your car licence as well (if you have one-but don't worry they wont). it is that easy provided you know the road rules.
  8. boots are good if you have them - protects the ankles, but i have seen guys just wearing sneakers/joggers, just don't go wearing your thongs
  9. I went in skate shoes the first day. Admittedly my technique was not great but I found that the gear lever began to hurt the top of my foot after a while. I wore hiking boots the next day and it was much better, which allowed me to stop thinking about my sore foot and thus my technique began to improve! :)
  10. As they all said its pretty straight forward. I hand't so much as sat on a bike when I did mine and managed no issues.

    Make sure you do listen though and do it how they tell you. Don't let all that go out the other ear when you get your Ls. Stick with the head checks and what not until they are habbit. These things can litterally save your ass on the road.

    Also as mentioned its not so much of a test. While they are watching you its just to make sure you won't kill yourself when you first hit the road.

    Dont think this will give you everything you need either to hit the road straight out of the bag and mix it with traffic. This is just the beggining and they provide you with a few simple tools to get yourself started.
    Plan to spend some time once you get them in car parks or back streets as things become more comfortable for you.
  11. Thanks for the heads up guys,
    yeah i'll taking all the info they can feed me.
    The problem will be though getting my bike from where i bought it and back home again, which loks as though it will be from Sydney and back to the Central Coast.
    It will be a hell of a learning curve :)
  12. Do you have a friend who could ride it back for you?
  13. If not what about a trailer or something like this mob; http://motomotion.com.au

  14. Are you going for your L's at Adamstown in Newcastle?

    If you are, I hope Tony takes your class, real top bloke.
  15. Or you could get a friendly Netrider to ride it to you :).

    <--- Wouldn't say no :p.
  16. That would be awesome if someone could ride it back for me, if they had the time. I would drive you back to where ever you needed to get back to as well.
    And some beer of course :grin:
  17. Mate, I would do it simply for the pleasure of riding a different bike and the scenic ride up to your place and would have absolutely no problem in catching the train back down (have book, have mp3 player...need nothing else :p).

    Oh and not making any promises but I may be able to look at the bike on Friday if the guy is available (and possibly Saturday at Hunters Hill after the Camp Quality ride), it all depends on when this lengthy interview I have to do on Friday will wrap up. PM me the buyer's information and I'll get in contact with him if I can.
  18. Good luck wedge...although I'm sure you're not going to need it. If you get nervous...just remind yourself why you're there. :)

  19. if you need someone to ride it back to the central coast - i am usually free (on the weekends). i live in hornsby and it is a great ride along the old road up to the central coast - you will do this trip many a time then its a nice train trip back. i have always like that trip through the hawkesbury river area

  20. Thanks for the support guys,
    will keep you posted on the bike situation :grin: