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NSW council/police hassles off road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by firezone1au, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. g'day all,

    I will be buying a road/trail bike soon, & just had a query regarding the off road aspect of riding.
    I will only be using it for recreational riding around my local area of camden, a bit of road cruising & a bit of trail riding. I am a pretty sedate rider, off road I wont be popping wheelies & churning the place up, most likely on a DRZ which is pretty quiet, so I wont be pissing people off, not that I will be staying in one place too long anyway, just passing through at reasonable sort of speeds.

    what can I expect in the way of hassles off the tar? odviously I will be registered, insured etc & if I get "talked to" I am 49, short hair, no tatts, no adr mods etc so hopefully by first impressions I should'nt cop any "attitude" (touch wood)

    I know of course to stay out of fenced of areas, & other common sense areas, pedestrians, dog walkers & kids & the like.

    there are a number of places I could go for a look around here, passing through reserves & the like which are basically "green corridoors" that dont have a park etc, but do have pathwyas etc, or just worn walking trails, then theres tracks to dams & other places.

    who will dish out the punishment? council rangers or police? who does where & what are the fines,
    or more importantly, what demerit points are involved?

    I did spot a post somewhere the other day about somebody coping a $400+ fine for riding on a footpath near the anzac bridge where other bikes park that wasnt actually a footpath, so really excited about what
    info I will be getting back!!

    thanks for any advice given. cheers!
  2. Registered, in state forest, on dual track and you will be fine
  3. Should be pretty find in camden. They mainly look for unreg riders.