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VIC Council draft parking plan

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. JDK and I went along to a meeting last night at the Town Hall where the Melbourne City Council released its draft CBD parking plan.

    We definitely got the impression that the council is very keen to encourage motorcycles as car replacements for travel to the CBD. All the powerpoint slides had motorcycles as a background :LOL:

    In fact, the proposals are actually quite positive as far as we're concerned. Rather than banning footpath parking where it could be inconvenient to pedestrians, the plan is to increase significantly the number of on street parking places in those areas (probably at the expense of car parking) to provide an alternative for riders.

    The following are the motorcycle specific plans:

    C2.1 Provide more on-street motorcycle parking in areas with high pedestrian volumes

    113. A clear advantage of motorcycles over cars for the user is the ability to park close to your actual destination. The next step to implement this initiative is to identify locations for dedicated motorcycle parking within the retail core.

    C2.2 Increase the planning scheme requirements for motorcycle parking.

    114. The Melbourne Planning Scheme requires motorcycle parking to be provided in all car park developments at a rate of one space for every 100 car spaces. In the CBDt his provoides for a motorcycle mode share of 0.2% of all trips. Motorcycle mode share has doubled in the past two years to almost 2%. Therefore the Planning Scheme currently requires spaces for just 10% of the motorcycle parking demand. The City of Melbourne should amend the planning scheme to require motorcycle parking at a rate closer to the current mode share or provide motorcycle parking as a proportion of the overall development floor area.

    In other words - anyone putting in new car parks will be required to significantly increase the number of spaces that are allocated to motorcycles.
  2. Yay!!!

    Thanks to those who work tirelessly (and most likely unpaidly) for us motorcycle and scooter riders. :applause:

    I don't know who it is but I suspect TonyE and JDK would be on the list as well as Vic and a bucket load of other NetRiderians.

    Thanks for making my life easier.

  3. While I'm on the Motorcycles in Melbourne committee I've very rarely managed to attend meetings due to work. It's the unsung heroes like Detlef Lamp (MRA, VMC, BMW club), Peter Dunphy from the VACC and quite a few others who have done a wonderful job with the council.
  4. Will they be charging a fee to park in those spaces though?
    If they start charging us to park in those spots then bugger that I'd rather park on the footpath at a distance and walk.
  5. short answer - no - lots of discussion around fees for cars though. :LOL:
  6. If I can just put on my Pro-Pilot consipracy/cynical hat here for a moment:

    I don't trust councils.

    This sounds like me to be the start of a long term plan to remove motorcycles from the footpath alltogether. There is plenty of parking on the footpaths at the moment, so why do we even need street parking at all? What's to stop them just saying in the future 'All motorcycle footpath parking is hereby banned in the CBD. We've given you spaces to use (1 per hundred) so you'll have to make do with that. We've had complaints yadda yadda.'

    Sorry, but I fcking hate councils. They should be removed. :evil:
  7. Very important, this. I'm hopeful of a positive approach, but if bike parking is ever seen as a source of revenue, then the days of footpath parking will be numbered. Whatever they say.
    Still... I'm hopeful.
  8. Feel free since he appears to have disappeared (now there's a conspiracy theory we can get our teeth into - who silenced PP? :LOL: )

    Back on topic. One of the problems is that there's not a lot of footpath space available in the shopping precincts. I don't like parking on the footpath in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic. It creates some ill feeling and, more importantly, puts my bike at risk from idiots. The one per hundred is in car park developments by the way - not in street parking.

    There's been very very few complaints about motorcycle parking. The few that there are have been about scooters parking badly. My impression is that the council is well aware of the benefits of motorcycles replacing cars and they want to see more of it. Our last survey showed about 1600 or so motorcycles parked in the city. If that doubles again over the next two years then it means at least 1000 cars no longer coming into the CBD. (people don't generally move from public transport to commuting by motorcycle/scooters - they move from cars).

    That's 1000 parking spaces freed up. (OK maybe 800 if they allocate a couple of hundred to doubling the motorcycle parking).
  9. +1!!!

    So to clarify, they are creating a solution for an un-problem?

    It's noble that they want to "add facilities" for bikes. But fast forward a bit, include a few personnel changes, and I guarantee that somewhere along the line a councilor will decide that any motorcycle parks managed by the council are a great source of revenue - both from parking fees and fines.

    Any parks managed by private carparks will never be free.

    I have had dealings with MCC on planning/zoning permit issues through a previous job, hence the bigger picture doom and gloom.
  10. They are looking at a doubling of bikes parked in the CBD over the next couple of years so they need to plan ahead - and yes, there's plenty of free motorcycle parks in commercial CBD carparks. Next time you park in one, look at the number of bikes there - try the QV Centre for a start.

    The level of cynicism and paranoia here makes me wonder sometimes. People keep assuming the worst. Worry about the charges if they happen.
  11. Didn't Neville Chamberlain have that same philosophy?

    Best to be prepared and pro active rather than reactive.
  12. So what do you propose? Go and demonstrate and say we want what we already have? Best case - you look silly. Worst case - you put ideas into their heads.

    Keeping an eye on these things is important yes, but to get totally paranoid and worry about the possiblity is futile - there's too many real issues to worry about.
  13. oh you mean like eastlink :roll: can you blame people for thinking the way they do
  14. No Tony, we're paranoid because as motorcyclists we continually get shafted. Only recently Council had a proposal to remove motorcycles from footpaths altogether, so forgive me for being skeptical as to their motives.

    If we don't question the motives of those in power we just end up becoming 'yes' men/women.

    Councils are about MONEY. That is the major reason they exist, to extract revenue to justify their own existence. They will try anything to get what they can from us. I know - my partner was a legal consultant with an inner city council and the stories about how council would 'try it on' with people to get money out of them are horrifying.


    I appreciate what you're saying and think that more motorcycle parking is a good thing, but I can't see why street parking is needed when there are plenty of unused footpaths all over the city every day and spots on them that DON'T impede pedestrian access.
  15. Nothing like the same thing. The council have stated they have no plans to charge.
  16. That was one councillor - who was jumped on very quickly - both by riders, council staff and other councillors.

    Where the unused footpath parking is at present is not where people want to park. Council want to implement this increase in the retail core - where there is currently very little dedicated motorcycle parking. I know what councils can be like. I'm managing half a dozen major building projects for TAFE Institutes at present - and we no longer have the exemption from planning permits. Councils can be obstructive and pains in the neck.

    Again, if the number of bikes being parked in the city does double over the next couple of years then the footpath parking in some areas will become untenable (you just won't physically fit the numbers on the footpath). If that happens and some of these areas start getting congested then what are our chances of keeping footpath parking. I think that the planning to increase the number of on-road spaces is actually a sign that (for once) we have someone on the council who's thinking ahead.
  17. Re read what I wrote Tony I deliberately highlighted the point I'm addressing from your post.
    I'm not advocating anything except for one to be PREPARED ie have a plan of action if the shit hits the fan.
  18. I take it back, but I would never have thought of parking in a commercial park for free.

    Don't take this personally, but to me that is as comforting as a politician or councilor trying to placate the masses with "trust me, I am a politician". I'll relinquish my motivation to question things like this when it stops being useful to me. I'm not a rabid anti-anything or "we should have no councils or rules" but this smells fishy to me.
  19. I for one don't have a problem paying parking fees SO LONG AS they are commensurate with the size of the space being occupied. If a bike takes up 1/4 of the space a car does then the fee should be 1/4 that a car pays. Same sort of thing can also be applied to toll ways. If a bike causes 1/4 the wear and tear as a car then the toll should be 1/4 that of a car.

    I currently enjoy the fact I can park on a footpath for free and ride on citylink for free BUT I don't think it is a RIGHT to do so. I have never heard a single reason that I consider legit for bikes to get a free ride so to speak on parking and toll ways. We are smaller than cars, take up less space and cause less damage but we don't cause none.
  20. I don't think it's paranoia either. If they create dedicated spots, then they'll eventually start charging for them. Then they'll stop the footpath parking. Then by the time we "Worry about the charges if they happen" it's too late.

    Then what do we do? "Go and demonstrate and say we want what we [just lost]? Best case - you look silly."

    Mark my words. It's virtually a done deal. :evil: