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couldnt kick/run start my KWAKA ZX6R 2007

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by papermate, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. hello team..... today i went to go to work tonight i jumped on my motorbike and turned the key...... and that all familiar whizz of a computer/airline space machine sound.... was not there.

    after a few moments of scratching my head, finding neutral, i assumed that over the last few days i had left the key in in ACC position, which had inadvertantly drained the battery.

    i pushed out the driveway (flat) and in first tried to kick start the motorbike. red on switch was on, bike in gear, release of clutch etc.... but no luck.

    i pushed up a small/medium hill and on the down side repeated the process about 5 times, and it didnt work. the most i got was the dash to light up and slightly gurgle and revs flickered, but no kick over.

    unfortuately i had to push back up hill, down street in driveway and back into garage.

    i then took apart seat etc... and used some jumper leads with a battery. after a minute or two of waiting i used the start process and the battery sparked, and then nothign happened. i tried again and the engine fired over again and the bike started.

    my question is, how come i couldnt do it on the hill. i was so @#$$ed from pushing, i swear if i wasnt at home, i dont know what i would have done. ive kick started my old 250 many times before, but this battery was sooo soo dead, it just didnt work.
  2. Second or even third gear...First gear is usually too low

    Head down to Super Cheap - they have Battery Tenders for $49 - battery always at full charge and can't overcharge.
  3. There needs to be quite a bit of electricity in the Battery, for a modern Ignition system to start an engine. The Alternator doesn't make much at all, in a roll start attempt.
  4. zx6r's have a kick starter?

    ive had to roll start my bikes a few times before and i find it much easier to do in first than 2nd or 3rd....just goto be carefull when you give it a fistfull ;)
  5. C'mon Ghia, you know that he meant "bumpstart"
  6. yeah i know... :oops: :grin:

    thought i better put my first gear bit in though. people always say 2nd and ive never had any sucess with it
  7. I assume its fuel injected? Need some power in the battery to run the fuel pump, cycle the injectors and fire the ignition. If the battery is dead flat then this is not going to happen. However, a carbie engine with cdi ignition will bump start no worries.
  8. <basks in warm fuzzy glow of having a bike with carbies> :LOL:
  9. Luddite bike.
  10. Gotta get with the times Paul :LOL: :LOL:
    Bet your next bike wont :wink:
  11. Chris, he hasn't worn it out yet. It spent the night in my garage, recently, and I have to report that it is in good order, for a streetbike.
  12. yes, i mean bump start.... hardy hardy....

    uh ok. so..... it is fuel injected.... does that mean, no matter what, a bump start just wont work?!
  13. Yeah, it will work, but only with a decent Battery in there. Otherwise, you need a mighty steep hill, that goes for a while.
  14. Yeh, bump start will start the bike, if the battery is charged. However, there's no real need to do this, when you can easily electric start. Only situation i could see it usesful is if your battery is fine and the starter motor has failed. :)