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Couldn't help myself

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by caz64, Dec 25, 2015.

  1. So yesterday, was browsing bikes for sale as I always do and came across this


    Well needless to say, I am now a proud owner (put down deposit pick up Tuesday) of this lovely KTM Duke 690r...
    New job, new bike.....can't wait.....
    Will miss my little duke 390, she was awesome to learn on and hopefully I will be learning heaps more on this one!!!
    Oh, hope everyone has had a great Christmas today.
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  2. Love It Caz! !!!!!!
    Great pick up,
    If it's not orange it's a lemon!!!!!
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  3. Very nice Caz, congratulations. a good Christmas present to yourself.
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  4. What an awesome-looking bike for an upgrade; congratulations CazCaz! Once a Duke rider, always a Duke rider?
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  5. I thinks so XJ6NXJ6N . Its those wheels :)
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  6. Congratulations caz64caz64 - I wish you many joyful kilometres together (y):happy:
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  7. Wooooooohoooo caz64caz64 what a lovely looking ride!
    What a great 2016 we'll both be having on our brand new steeds. :)
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  8. Noice..

    And congrats
  9. What a kracker.
  10. Congrats!
  11. Nice show of brand loyalty. Congrats on the upgrade!
  12. Nice! Love your work! Merry Christmas
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  13. So you're about to find out what KTM means: Keep Throwing Money :LOL:

    congrats of course
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  14. Very nice! Merry Christmas
  15. Or. KTM Sunday ATM Monday.
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  16. Fabulous start to the New Year! Amazing looking bike and a new job!! Congratulations caz64caz64 :happy:! Merry Christmas, may 2016 bring you many very happy miles. Will be looking to photos of your new steed :snaphappy::woot:(y)
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  17. Congrats caz64caz64 . And with Akra exhaust too - must sound the goods!
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  18. Congrats caz64caz64. New job NEW BIKE! (y):happy:
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  19. nice upgrade:)