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Couldn't find the Key, so I used a pickle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by say_wat, May 12, 2008.

  1. Well, not literally.

    The story goes as so: I decided i could spare an hour or so from my two assignments to synchronise my carburetors. So i set everything up on the bike including the gauges and even propped the tank up such that there be a constant supply of fuel. Pretty proud of my handywork i decided to crank it over.. uh-oh.. no key in the barrel.

    I have only one key for my bike and have been too lazy to make a spare. I usually have it attached to my house/car/etc keys except when I'm riding. After the last ride I didn't re-attach the keys and somehow lost it in the process. I'd been everywhere between St Kilda to Yarraville to Moorabbin and only realised that the key was amiss after two days of blissful ignorance of it being missing.

    I looked in every room of my house, looked in both my car and my sisters car, checked every pant and jacket i may have worn in the past week, almost every nook and every cranny only to give up after an hour and a half of searching, assigning its fate to one or other parking lot where it may have slipped out of my pocket when getting in/out of the car.

    In the eternal words of Hitchikers guide: DON'T PANIC!
    "Should've made spares when you had the time, be proactive about this ya lazy fcuk!", I says to myself.

    Feeling like a renewed man with a mission, I called up a couple of locksmiths in the area and asked them how much it would cost to make a key from an ignition barrel. $40 bucks? Its a bargain mate, the least i can pay for such idiocy and enough trouble to remember the lesson!

    This is where most stories would have the happy ending, the protagonist a little embarassed but richer for the experience. The beautiful girl falling in love with his clumsy cuteness and inner beauty, etc etc. Yeh, no, not this one.

    As i started undoing the barrel, after getting half way, i realise that i can't take it off fully without torx screw drivers. Better run down to supercheap and spend another dozen $$ getting more one-time-use tools (ironically, the shocking quality's only good for a single use anyway).

    "Mum, I'm off to supercheap to get some tools to fix the bike"

    "Ok, get some vegies on the way back... oh by the way, i found your bike key under the sofa"

    "WTF?!!!??" :mad: :? :oops: :grin:

    YAY! found the key.

    Again, most stories would end here... the protagonist coming to major self realisations after some soul searching, appreciating the grand scheme of things in life, learning to trust fate and let things sort themselves out. A beautiful broad sharing his journey and falling in love with him for better or for worse etc etc, yeh.. Nah. Not this story.

    I go off and try to re-tighten my ignition barrel but something had come out of alignment and it just wouldn't fit in place. Did a lot of fiddling about till it fit. Screwed it all up (PUN INTENDED) nice and tight and put in the key. Turned it clockwise, only to realise that theres something wrong it doesn't turn over fully to the 'on' position and nothing turns on - I must've dislodged something on the inside! *AAGHH*

    So, that leaves this question: Does anyone know how the inside of an ignition barrel works? What could be wrong?- it was working perfectly fine before.

    To top it all off, there are no beautiful young girl in this story at all! What a horrid set of events so far.
  2. I was disappointed by the lack of pickles in this story.
  3. +1

  4. [​IMG]

    This should serve both our purposes. Although this is one pickle i wouldn't mind being in...
  5. Thread title = win.

    Thread content = fail.

    Pickle girl = win.

    Thus, the thread just manages to keep win status.
  6. You owe us a pickle story!

  7. ... a SUPER pickle story!

  8. If you can't give us a proper story then you owe us a

  9. ...signed by:

  10. Enough of this pickle nonsense :p Any idea about ignition barrels?

    Ok Ok one more:
  11. :cry: I dont have any pickle pictures to add....
    And I also dont have any adivice for your ignition...maybe take it to a pro...great story tho!
  12. The sheer amount of pickle references in this thread amused me greatly.
    As for ignition barrels, no idea! :p
  13. Never!

    It's entirely appropriate...

  14. What in the world did you google to find that :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Never you mind...

  16. #17 Bravus, May 13, 2008
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    I teach beginning science teachers, and one guy's demo lesson was very memorable. This was in Canada where the mains is 110 V, so I'm not sure it would even work in Oz. He basically wired up a pickle to the mains and turned it on. Amid clouds of evil and acrid smoke, it lit up!

    Apparently it has to do with the conduction in the salty water/vinegar mix. Pretty impressive, but by far the preferred method for seeing it is:


    (tiny bit sweary)
  17. PS Awesome story-telling, say wat

    PPS Sorry, bu I have NFI what could be going on with your ignition
  18. Ok it's 8.30am and reading this topic as well as the night rider one has made me crave pickles to an insane degree.

    No I'm not pregnant.