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couldn't decide if this was funny or depressing

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by lowercase, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/world/7738091/lotto-lout-sells-mansion


  2. mmmmm tough call. i can't decide either.
    but it does seem to be the way; win big, blow it all, file for bankrupcy
  3. I actually remember seeing this guy on TV (today tonight or ACA) four or five years back. All his neighbours were complianing about the mess in the yard and the gocarts/motorbikes he and his mates were riding around the the place along with the all night parties. iirc he said if anyone tried to stop him he'd stab them. nice guy.
  4. Plonker..for most of us that sort of money would set you up for a very cushy life..no doubt he'll blow what money he gets from the sale on chemicals to go up his nose.
  5. This is the fate of a good many Lotto winners. The lottery is simply a tax for those who are bad at math.
  6. Don't worry. It's funny.
  7. I bet the neighbours are bloody laughing.
  8. Hilarious. Some people should just not have money.
    And on another note, there of plenty of people that have no money that deserve millions.
  9. nope it's funny
  10. So he spent most of it on alcohol, drugs and women...

    I wonder how much of the rest he wasted. :)

    with apologies to Pete Best
  11. There is a cynical view that goes something along the lines of "if you make a poor man rich, then he will soon be poor again".

    Whilst I like to think it is untrue, unfortunately I think it is somewhat true for many. Certainly if you are busted arse poor in Australia, chances are you are there because of decision you've made yourself.

    Sure some people are unavoidably poor. Some are born into circumstances that make it difficult to brake the cycle, but in Australia where the opportunities are given, then you would have to say most poor people are poor as a result of their own bad judgment.
  12. I guess it's down to personal choice on what you do with money if you have it!.

    He chose to splurge... and it's all gone. I'm sure he had a good time (if he can remember!!)...

    I wouldn't say it's depressing or funny... it just is! 8-[
  13. When you're born with no right hand and no right foot, it sure is tough to brake the (motor)cycle.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
  14. Give me a brake. They can have there bike modified to break with the left hand, not the rite.
  15. Reading that made me cringe
  16. I met a dude yesterday that rides a motard, who has no right arm... Absolute legend! Watching him do his thing was awe inspiring.
  17. makes internet "entertainment" difficult.