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Could You Marry a p0rn Star ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I suppose it's a question for both the guys and the girls here.
    Could you marry a p0rn star knowing their past ?
    Would the fact that their sexual expolits are out there on DVD forever eventually get to you ?
    How would you tell your parents ?
    How would you handle your friends if they made a comment ? ...and what if you went to a mate's place only to find a copy of one her films in his DVD cabinet ?

    I doubt whether I could handle it. I think the pressures would eventually wear me down.

  2. hah thats a question ive been asked before actually.

    the question is of course what kind of "p0rn", are you talking artistic display of the human body or are you talking that dirty american hardcore stuff?

    the men and women that get into the hardcore stuff have something wrong in their head for getting into that. even if they go into the industry as a semi-normal person it will mess them up physically and emotionally.

    even if a woman came out of the industry with a real desire to get her life in order, the emotional baggage they would have would be too much. sorry, i just wouldnt go there.

    but the kind of girls i go for wouldnt be getting into that shit in the first place :? so, its a question ill never have to answer.

    jenna jameson wrote about her experiences and basically if you hang around weird disgusting sexually warped people all day, and do weird disgusting sexually warped things, you will end up....weird disgusting and sexually warped.
  3. No such thing , European's do the hardcore stuff :twisted:

    In answer to the original question ... yes I could.
  4. Lots of people do "worse" things, and are more promiscuous than the average p0rn star. Disgusting and sexually warped are very relative terms. Conservatives would do best not ever knowing what their parents/friends/co-workers get up to if a bit of deviancy bothers them. :lol2:

    I'd be fine with it.
  5. youd get more pleasure marrying a bucket :shock:
  6. I dated a stripper for a short time many years ago (didn't know what she did for a living when we hooked up), I thought it would be cool :cool:

    It turns out that it's not that good, I'm not a particularly jealous person, but I really didn't like it :?

    No way could I marry a p0rn star.
  7. Isn't the question as much 'would you' as 'could you' :)
  8. Yes please, I'd marry about five.
  9. Do you mean an ex p0rn star or one still working?

  10. i think you could do a lot worse than a p0rn star :wink:

    for me ... well sure i would marry one* , why not? you only live once


    * would have to have a full sevice history check done before any contract is signed :p
  11. well, it would spice up the conversation: "hi dear, how was your day at work?" :p

  12. For arguements sake let's just say a star that has very recently retired from the adult industry..
  13. I Wouldn't.

  14. Change the question....

    What if he/she was a hooker?
  15. yes, because i can't resist a bargain
  16. what sort of hooker??

    the dirty drug addict ones on the corner or the $1000hr+ ones?
  17. no, definitely not. even if he was a total babe :p i could never see past the fact that they did it with who knows how many other girls. call me shallow but meh.
  18. I'm thinking someone who's doing it for money and not to support a drug habit....
  19. Pretty much similar..both get paid to have sex only he p0rn star gets filmed doing it..
  20. Recently retired / still working who cares :LOL:
    Loz only wants 5 of em so that leaves a few for the rest of us.

    I wonder what ever happened to Amber Lynn ? [ from the 80's ]
    ahh Amber , Tracy lords, Ginger Lynn , Nina Har

    Low budget, no story, couldn't act, really crap music, but boy did amber do it for me :oops: :LOL: