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Could we as a nation do this ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Nuclear debate aside ......

    Over the past few weeks we have been having some in house training on updates and issues on one of the excavator ranges we sell.

    Being a large Japanese company they have flown over there two top engineers for the training.

    Aside from the usual company propaganda ( which was informative )
    The Earthquake / Tsunami disaster came up in the course of the 2nd day.

    Yes the earth is still shaking with 5.5's being the average.
    What got us talking the most was the power plants etc.
    Yeah there is 56 of them and 12 have been out of action since day one.
    But at any given time another 10 are off line for safety checks and upgrades etc etc , effectively cutting out HALF the power needed to run Japan as a whole.

    There are also coming into summer so more AC's are being turned on as well, dragging more power out of the grid.

    The government called a meeting of all the major industry's and explained that there was just not enough power to go around.

    No one could afford a total overload and shut down so their solution....
    Rotating weekends!
    Instead of the usual Sat/Sun weekends to share the burden, all the major industry's have now shifted there working weeks so on any given day 1/3 are on what we would call a weekend.

    Its led to some interesting conversations at lunch, could we as a nation pull together to do the same here if we where in the same boat ?

    Personally I don't think so...

    Your thoughts ?
  2. Yeah we could pull together for a short while (e.g. post bushfires) but after a while we'd return to our "me me me" ways.
  3. Yes we could pull together. Australia IS good at that.

    However what we couldn't do is get away with half of our generators out of action. Every state in the NEM is sailing close to the wind in terms of capacity and they are very much counting on the inter-connectors between states.

    Even now the system falls over on a regular basis on the retailers pay the capped $12500/MWhr. Happened this week in SA.

    We seriously need to invest in some new coal fired units and/or commit to nuclear. Now. About 4000MW in each of NSW and Victoria and 1000MW in SA.
  4. +1 on the above.

    Sydney would fare the worst, its always me me me here. Places like America wont cope, they would most likely try to bomb another country and steal their energy supply.............................
  5. If business and the government pushed it, it would happen. Then we'd winge about it and do nothing.
  6. I suspect there would be enough religious people for whom Sunday (and in some cases Saturday or Friday) is sacred that moving the weekend would face a fair bit of resistance. *Adding* a day off a month or a fortnight in the middle of the week, on the other hand, would be received with great delight. ;)