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Could use some advice on Pit Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Hexxle, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Hey guys

    I'm interested in getting a little pit bike to have some fun on, nothing serious however. I don't intend on 'kicking the shit out of it'; riding it like I owned it rather than like I stole it.

    I am thinking of getting an Atomik Link 250cc. I'm not after about how it rides (although I would like to hear some opinions), but rather I want to know what the quality is like of this bike. Has anyone got one of these - what are they like quality-wise, do they break down/fall apart all the time or suddenly, etc, etc.

    I've heard these Chinese pit bikes are crappy, although saying that Atomik's aren't supposed to be part of that criteria. And what would anyone suggest as a fun, good quality, pit bike?

    Any and all suggestions/advice/opinions appreciated.

  2. I would buy older Japanese over new Chinese/Indian/Korean, any day.
  3. Hi Hexxle
    I race pit bikes (mini motard) I have had several atomic bikes, they are at the lower quality end of the scale. My atomic's have been reliable but when I get them I strip them totaly and rebuild them before runing them, most atomics require some alteration/modification to be reliable. In the mini's the best brand is MSO (google mso motorcycles) they are an australian brand and use better quality parts (my son races one). If I wanted a 250 size bike I would look at an older jap bike, the 250 china motors are not good, they are largly not proven and some (the atomic last time i saw inside one) are push rod motors they lack HP for their size and dont like to rev. The few water cooled china motors I have seen have all had issues with water pumps. Atomic is not known for after sales support unless you go directly to their warehouse. Another brand that is reasonable quality is a company called DHZ in sydney you can find them on ebay. The choice motor at the moment is the yx 160cc, the second generation has strengthened cases around the kick start, these motors can easily be built up to be 179cc and you can get close to 18HP from them reliably. The main factor with all chinese pit bikes is a good supply of good oil. The standard pit bikes are CRF style and are smaller than the newer KLX style, If I wanted one for mucking around on I would go for the KLX style as they have more room in the cockpit. I use CRF style for racing because the smaller size increases manouverability for the tight tracks we ride. check out miniriders.com.au.
    Hope this helps

    PS: the horizontal motors are much easyer to get parts for
  4. Have had a number of pitbikes over the years, usually of the 140-150cc variety.
    As a general rule those with Loncin engines seem to be preferred by many, although in most cases maintinence and care are as/more important than brand.
    If the model you are looking at does not have an oil cooler, ignore it and choose one that has.

    Chinese pit bikes.....

    1] buy it as cheaply as possible. Atomik is a reasonable brand if you are in Melbourne, as they are in Dandenong, so parts aren't too far away.

    2] do not start it or ride it until you have.....

    a] replaced all the chinese nuts and bolts with quality items ( unbrako etc ) from the local bolt bar. All bolts and nuts are standard metric sizes so its not too difficult.

    b] Use only good quality engine oil with at least a 20W base, and change it regularly. the 140cc engines only hold about 1 litre, so there's no excuse financially.

    above all...enjoy it.