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Could this happen in Australia ?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by doonx, May 9, 2007.

  1. Link (video)

    Has anyone ever witnessed a rider down where people around just couldn't care less or didn't bother stopping to lend assistance ?

  2. I saw that this morning.


    I'd like to think that people would stop here. The Israelis have other factors to consider in making the decision to render assistance, of course, but I'm still shocked that basic humanity didn't prevail.
  3. sh!t thats terrible... did the guy get driven over?
    well i dont think we're that bad here, someone will help u off the road but freakin cars and trucks were driving around the poor guy
  4. That really sucks. :cry: When I had my off a lot of people stopped and helped do what they could. I sincerely hope that it wouldn't happen here.
  5. Yeah, the fact that they had to drive around the poor bastard is worse. I wouldn't hesitate helping the poor bugger.

    I even got rewarded once for stopping and helping a chick with her car, but that's a different story all together :wink:
  6. ooh, i came apon this yesterday.

    i couldn't believe what i was watching! very sad state of affairs.

    who knows what was going through the minds of the people who just went on by?
  7. From watching the article, it appears to be "Yup, I missed him. I can continue on my way now" :roll:
  8. um when I had my off the traffic was stopped and 3 motorbikes just continued on, a bloke in a car got out to help me. I was standing and on the tram tracks so not quite the same as having to fcuking dodge someone, fcuking retards I am so angry about that!
  9. Did the rider look Palesinean?? :LOL:
  10. Remember ta storys of the Ghetto
  11. this would not happen in australia at all
    we all care about our riders and i know that anyone of us here would help any rider who has come off or had an accident
    hence why i love being a aussie :grin: :grin:
  12. It does'nt surprise me at all over there. Just look at the state of affairs in their country.
    If you stop and help someone, who knows you could get blown up by a bomber or something similar.
    That would definitely not happen here in this country.
  13. Yup same here, 3 bikes rode on, 2 cars stopped to help :roll:

    The first happened to a girl that I hadn't seen for years ;)
  14. My bro had a car accident 14 years ago and he was a pedestrian and I was at the scene as well. There were lots of people who tried to help my brother by covering him with blankets and put pillows underneath him and stopped the traffic to protect my brother. Someone even called an ambulance which just came 5 mins after the accident. This is what I think of true Australia and I'm willing to do same as those who helped my brother.
  15. well, if i happen to be on scene when someone is down and this has obviously inconvenianced other road users my size 9s will be kicking in some bodywork while i politely tell them to sit, wait and STFU! :evil:

    i can't believe some of the reactions of commuters and the media reporting when a rider came to grief just recently in Sylvania.
  16. I came off my pushbike a few years ago at the roundabout outside Flemington race course. It was about 5 pm and I kid you not, I lay in the middle of the road for a good 3 or 4 minutes with peak hour traffic driving around me :mad: If I hadn't been so dazed from hitting the pavement head first I would have got up and kicked the crap out of every car that went past :evil: Luckily a guy in a post van going the other way drove around the RAB to pick me up. No other B...stard stopped. Not even the stupid woman whose rear bumper I ran into as she cut me off :evil: :evil: