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Could this fall under warranty?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Meph, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Today i rode home (in the wet yay) and i put the bike in the garage/carport, hopped off, and pulled back on the handle bars (as i do, to make sure its on the stand correctly) and i head a bit of a pop. I thought something had fallen behind me, but i couldnt see what it was, i forgot about it.

    I returned to the garage/carport to get a tool tonight and then i saw it


    cracked straight down the middle, and you can see theres no impact involved. my questions is, could this be covered under warranty, or am i up for a few hundred bucks?
  2. Warranty??

    Good luck.

    You should buy a lottery ticket if that gets fixed under warranty?
    If the bike is brand new, maybe for the sake of the relationship the dealer can convince the maker to shout you a mirror, but otherwise, me thinks you are paying
  3. Warranty i think not, and theres no way that should cost ya any more than $ :grin: 30-50
  4. Your best chance is if this is a common problem.
    Otherwise you have very little chance, but its worth asking.
  5. Take it to a glass shop, cost around $25 to replace
  6. probably. it can be categorized as defective.

    i always get free bulb change during my car warranty (holden)
  7. If there is NO impact visible I'd be asking for a replacement.

    It may be an undersized mirror housing that caused a stress fracture of the glass.

    If it's a new bike I'd be demanding it.
  8. Exactly what Vic said. :wink:

    Make sure you force the issue.. If they value you as a customer they will replace it regardless..
  9. I would be amazed if they replaced it under warranty. I have a brand new left mirror to suit a GT250/650R in my shed that I never used and I no longer have the bike. It cost $129 you can have it for $70.
  10. If the parts are defective (from new - in other words had an inherent or concealed fault) and you didn't cause the damage (harder to prove) you are entitled to repair / replacement under warranty.

    If the bike is older good luck.
  11. i called Peter Stevens today and they said it was just over $100 for the mirror.

    I think ill check out some glaziers etc over the next few days, and if they cant help than if you still have yours oz650r, ill drop you a pm.
  12. I would've replied "For the price of wanting $100 for the mirrors, you just lost a lifetime of me buying from you guys again AND servicing + parts + clothes! See how quickly they come around to playing your game... :eek: fcukers!
  13. I think there is some sort of problem with the RHS mirrors on these things... I have heard of them (the RHS mirror) bracking without any cause... I would defenately go back to your dealership and ask if it is a warrenty issue...