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could this be your dream bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wizzardofaus, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. a friend of mine sent me a link to this bike on ebay.
    all I can say is awwwsome dude!


    make sure you read the sales pitch its totaly worth it
  2. Lol,

    I came across that last night when I was looking at bigger bikes,
    Was laughing the whole time I read the posting.

    Well worth checking out :D
  3. Its really for sale too :)

  4. ahahahah
    that is fantastic
    almost as good as the bmx ebay item :)
  5. as mentioned above, already been posted, but my dream bike is on my sig, already own it :)
  6. 4 hours to go!!!
  7. zomg. read the questions! the seller gives the best answers! just a taste of their genius:

  8. "The chain is awesome."
  9. haha being the owner of a postie bike...

    i loled at that so hard!!!

  10. funniest thing i have read in ages
  11. I already have my dream bike.....

    Still nice read,,,lol
  12. Q: Is it true that the recent "Earth Tremors" in Melbourne were not actually tremors at all and that the shaking was caused by this bike breaking the speed of sound down the Frankston Freeway? 19-Mar-09
    A: It was actually on the Monash, when the postie bike cracked the elusive 'speed of fantastic' just near the Warrigal Rd overpass.

    hahahaha awesome!
  13. "Those shocks really are shocking"

  14. Best sale ever.