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Could this be the sexiest bike???

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Micheal A, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. mmmmmm... horn....
  2. Very desirable, my only minor quibble is the huge distance between the tyre and the seat exposes the "fussy" styling of the under-seat area. That said, if someone parked one in my driveway, I could learn to LOVE the under-seat area!
  3. Dream on, Dan!!!
  4. True That:Sexy bike

  5. Crap colour though!!
  6. True, I've just bought this in the same colour to complete the ensemble...
  7. Its certainly stunning - but a Ducati's gotta be RED in my books!!! - have also fallen in love with the mini/part fairings - revealing just enough to make you wanna take a closer look.
  8. That is nice . And it's black ,black ,black ,black ,black ,black ,black ,black , :LOL:
  9. sorry mate dont do nothing for me in the pic. maybe in real. but if you like it its your choice..
  10. The 749's certainly are quite sexy objects in motion; i think its the headlights & the exhaust that do it for me; but the 996 definitely wins. That hammerhead style front looks just as good in motion as it does stationary.

    Unfortunately, given that no one will insure me on even a 748 until i'm late 20's or so... i'll stick with my obsession of Triumph 955i's. :D