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Could someone help me start my bike? Melb...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sweeris, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. I have been overseas for about 3 weeks and left my bike in the garage. It hasnt been started since I left it. I got back here today and tried to start my bike without sucess until the battery went flat. I tried push starting it for an hour with no luck.

    While I was starting it normally it seemed like it was about to fire up a few times. When the battery started getting flat it didnt fire up at all. I then started to push start it. the first 5-6 times it seemed like it was going to fire up the next few times. after I passed my 10th time at push starting it. It didnt seem to fire up at all. After about 35 times at push starting I starting thinking about asking for some help...

    During the attempt to start my bike I had chock on full with no throtle until it started to fire up then I applied some throtle. After a few attempts like so I then just tried starting it full chock no throtle at all. Then tried with abit of throtle but same result. After that the battery went flat.

    When I pushed started I tired different combinations of settings(chock on/off, throutle, fuel on/reserve). I did check the kill switch it was on "run". I couldnt think of anything else to start it.

    I guess Im asking someone on NR for a favour to start my bike for me. Or at least some tips on what I try/do to start my bike.

    Thank you in advance.

    After 3 weeks not riding I cant wait to get back to riding.

    I might be asking too much if I said I needed a favour within the next 24hrs since I need to work on Sun..
  2. Stale fuel?

    Drain tank, lines, and carbs if you can: then get some fresh stuff in there.

    Charging the battery will probably help as well.
  3. i have just recently got back to riding as i broke my thumb. anyway i didnt start my bike for about 4-5 weeks, and when i tryed to get it goin again i had the exact same problem as you are having. and even tryed all the things you listed.

    i bought myself a $49 batterfy charger left if charging over night (it automatically stops when fully charged) and when tryed the start bike next day starting 1st time with full choke and no throttle.
  4. So how did you go with the bike ?? It sounds like you most probably flooded it with all the attempts to start it..

    If you are stuck shoot me a PM with your no and ill see if i can help .. :grin:
  5. If I wasn't drinking, i'd come down and help. I tried to push start my bike for ages, then got the nack of it. as much speed as you can in 2nd gear, then keep pushing on the bike against the compression till it starts, alternatively, use a hill (but I was too scared to use the hill).
  6. Um, why? Because of the push back up if the bike didnt start?
  7. stale fuel

    with the starter button
    if it partly fires then turn the choke off and using the throttle turn it just enough to take up the cable slack and then 3 mm or so. when cranking the engine.

    Push starting
    If you are feeling confident you can push start, No choke and using the above throttle technique,put the bike in 3rd gear walk next to it on the left you dont need a heap of speed you can just walk and release the clutch keep your hand on it ready to sqeeze it in so the bike doesnt take off, it shouldnt be too hard to push, it should flutter and fire, possibly just chugging along, if it does just keep walking next to it it will eventually run. just remember to keep your hand on the clutch. and really gently tickle the throttle.

    dont do this if youre not confident pushing the bike around! or youll end up on your ass
  8. Last time I had your problem of flattening the battery on a non-starting bike, I just hooked up the jumper leads from my girlfriend's car. (Perhaps I'm ignorant of some danger of which somebody can advise me, but I had no problems.) Just be careful in that case that you don't burn out the startor by pushing it for too long if the thing doesn't start quickly enough - give it a break to cool down.

    You're eligible for Honda Assist are you not? A month back my housemate couldn't start his Hornet after two weeks away - we tried everything - so he joined Honda Assist, and they came round and started it straight away! I think it's something like $50.

    Of course this wouldn't happen to all you guys - all these starting problems - if you had a kickstart! :p
  9. yeh, my house is at the top of a hill going down on both sides very steeply, then no more hills. I seriously do not think it would be possible to push it back up, its hard enough walking let alone pushing up 160kg.
  10. Its not something weird is it?

    I would buy a 20 buck bat charger and hook it up. Make sure the bat is full of water (melb is one of the very few places where you can pretty much get away with tap water) Or jump start it? Any of these possible.

    I so dont want to come over and help. If absolutely no one else will... maybe

  11. damn cbr250's......more than likely you will need a plug change....we see it a bit when a bike thats a bit tired sits for a few weeks
  12. only two things come to mind...

    I never needed to use choke on a CBR250RR to start it... so it could be flooded... and stale fuel... the fuel sold is different in summer than winter and from memory summer fuel will go off qucker...
  13. After attempts to start my bike by myself and with Blue14's help we had no luck.

    We tried push starting and it wont start. We then tried jump starting without sucess. I must say thank you to Blue14 for trying to help me with my bike.

    With the bike me and Blue14 came to the same conclusion of why the bike didnt start. The bike was getting fuel (back firing when starting) but it wasnt starting. During starting(jump start) it was going to start but as soon as we applied the throtle to assist the start it would die down. We think it might be somthing that is wet or the sprak pulg is fouled.

    Anyone has any ideas on what's wrong or what to do?
  14. Definately start with new plugs, check the air filter is clean and not obstructed. Drain the fuel in the carbies, and maybe even dump what is in the tank for some fresh stuff (not ultimate, optimax or anything fancy) and when you do finally get it going, make sure if you ever park it for more than a couple of days, turn the fuel tap off.
  15. We put fresh fuel in it. I am leaning confidently toward something electrical. Its definately getting fuel. I reckon the plugs is a good start as well. Anyway i am going to make a couple of calls tomorrow and see what i can find out..
  16. Thank you,
  17. I thought i may have been able to get someone to help here, but i havent had much luck.

    Anak is a student at Latrobe Uni, Bundoora campus, and needs his bike as that his only form of transport for him to get to his part time job in Oakleigh. If there is anyone who can help out here, he would be very appreciative i am sure. I reckon all that needs doing is to remove the fuel tank and check plugs etc. And most likely a new battery :? The bike is getting fuel as it was trying to start and backfiring flames.. :shock: If that fails then maybe someone can help out with getting to his mechanic.

    I am off to Sydney for 3 days so cant do much now, but i know Anak would appreciate if someone could help him out. Shoot Anak a PM or for those who have my no give me a buzz and ill pass his no on to you.
  18. Well, I'm about 5mins away from the bundoora campus. I've only recently delved into bike mechanics (I know plenty about cars though). I'll PM you my number and tell your friend to give me a call on tuesday. I only ask one thing, and that's to have plenty of lights while we work on it at night (cause i'll have to do it after work).

    Ah, I can't PM till I have 20 posts :/

    My number is: 0401533988
  19. guys....Im not making it up!!!!CHANGE THE PLUGS FFS!!!!!!!!!
  20. Thanks for all the help. I got my bike to my mechanic and I hit a snag.

    When the mechanic was going to change the plug he found out that the tread in the socket for the plug has all gone. This is in piston number 2. When he put in the new plugs it would just come loose again and it would never come tight.

    The old plug were also due for a change anyway but found this unexpected problem. The plugs that he took out looked useless already.

    The bike had a history of the plug coming loose.

    The mechanic gave me 2 options:
    1. repair the engine (re-tread the socket).
    2. replace the engine (with quite a new engine genuine 8000Kms on it)
    The difference between the 2 options are about $400

    I am in the middle of deciding what to do. I am onpen to advice and sugestions on what to do.

    And again thank you ppls for the help.