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Could MotoGP Return to Bathurst?

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Feb 12, 2015.

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    Bathurst is the spiritual home of motorsport in Australia and one of the greatest tracks in the world. It’s also totally unsuitable for many forms of racing today including MotoGP due to the prevalence of concrete barriers lining many parts of the track. But the Bathurst Regional Council is looking to change that with plans forming to build a second circuit at the Mt Panorama venue.

    While still in early stages, the New South Wales state government has already put $5 million towards the idea which at this stage includes noise and environmental impact assessments. The second circuit is proposed to be built on the eastern side of Conrod Straight, where the Australian V8 Supecars reach speeds of 300kp/h.

    The plan is to make a second circuit grade one – capable of hosting premier class events such as MotoGP and Formula 1. “It’s pretty well known that we would be keen to get two wheel racing back here,” Bathurst Mayor Gary Rush said. “The Superbikes and the MotoGP both being held at Phillip Island; we are very keen to get our hands on both of those events.”

    While Phillip Island is loved by riders due to its speed and flowing corners, crowd figures continue to tumble at the event due to expensive accommodation, tickets and an over eager police force who target motorcyclists travelling to and from the venue. While a configuration for a second track hasn’t yet been finalized, it would be between 3.5 and four kilometers in length.

    The last Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix to be held at Bathurst was in 1988 and was won by none other than Mick Doohan.


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  2. I remember the bike races at Bathurst - went to Uni there so got to see bikes and cars race each year - got free tickets as i knew the right people :smug:
  3. Let's hope. Have great memories of camping in behind the pit area in the 70s when my b-in-law was involved in road racing...TOO much fun! My favourite was the vintage bikes...but these days might be the chance to fang it down Conrod straight! :cat:
  4. Could MotoGP Return to Bathurst?

  5. Never going to happen.
  6. Damn ya think?
    was making that mid-western hospital job in the future look even more attractive...wine, cheese, olives AND MotoGP...
  7. Your dreaming! No chance at all!
  8. ...and sheep. Don't forget the sheep.
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  9. It would be great, but I think its just a dream.
  10. Great idea,but after the greenie study ,some rare endangered grasshopper will be discovered and
    the do gooders will begin to march.
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  11. I doubt anything is alive in them fair hills after what goes on up there at the car races...more likely to find a corpse buried under a mound of VB cans...:cat:
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  12. The Island won't lose the GPS because as soon as we get another Aussie or two at the top the crowds will build and profits for everyone involved will go up and no one will complain.

    Building a new track doesn't mean that you can control the cost of the tickets etc., so I don't see the punters cost dropping just because the race has moved. I suppose they think the old adage, 'build and they will come' will work.

    Dream on Mayor..........not going to happen!
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  13. Who says it's a given we will have an Aussie at the top for a while?
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  14. Bathurst will never host motorcycling of any sort ever again because it has been purpose-built for cars. The concrete walls couldn't be cushioned in any way and the FIM would never grant it a license without millions and millions of dollars being spent on it and then the all-powerful car/tv cartel would kick up a stink. Ain't going to happen.....
  15. More of this talk? Bathurst and those few who biatch about PI will be pushing for it, but it wont happen.

    Bathurst is yet to receive funding to acquire new land and the new track is only proposed. PI's renewal is 2016 so there isn't enough time for them. There is always the chance we lose the round entirely, but I really can't see this happening either.
  16. Doesn't hurt to dream...or reminisce I guess...used to be a great times up there!.
    But you're both right it won't happen...got all excited for about 8 seconds...don't think I'll ever get down to PI on a bike...and NR hasn't painted a very attractive picture of PI at all...:cat:
  17. Who was your brother-in-law, oldmaid, I was a regular photographer at Bathurst and other tracks during the 70s and early 80s??
  18. Warren Sullivan he was a sidecar racer...majority of time at Sydney Show Ground Speedway...he was originally a passenger with Geoff Grocott when they won the Aussie titles, and then the rider for NSW titles etc.

    Road raced sidecars mostly at Amaroo and I think Oran Pk occas as well...yamaha -blue black,white outfit. Did Bathurst twice. Also had a friend who always ran an old BSA in the vintage bikes there as well. God it was fun in the pit areas...

    His old speedway sidecar, 'Clyde', is up at the Nabiac Bike museum...he gave it up in 1980 when there was an absolutely horrendous spill at the speedway and his passenger Bill was injured and was a paraplegic as a result.
    I used to fancy that I would race solos ha ha ha! Was high on the racing fuel at the time...
  19. If you though camping at the pits was fun,it was another world 3ks further up the hill.We started in 76 and NEVER missed a year till the end,and then the year it came back as well.Epic was the word,and the racing was fantastic as well
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