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Could I lose my license?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by polly, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. I'm from SA and I think I was doing about 30k/h over the limit. It was a 70 speed zone and I think I was doing 90 smoething. I saw 2 flashes and thought..."shiiieet!!" I hope I only lose demirt points and get a fine, but can anyone tell me if I'll lose my license? I didn't realise you could lose your license when you get caught by a speed camera and now I can't get this out of my mind. Plus, the camera flashed tiwce. Is that normal? Coz I don't want to get fined twice! I wouldn't know how to appeal or have the time to appeal. Plus I was driving my aunt's car but I told her I would claim as the driver and so on.

    I read you could apply for a caution if you have been on your fulls for more than 3 years, haven't received a fine or lost demrit points in 3 years and if you were doing only 10k/h over the limit. I want to apply for a caution. I qualify for all reasons except the 10k/h over.

    Can someone provide me with some info please? Thanks!!!

  2. Wait for the notice to arrive in the mail, worry about it then. Nothing you can do in the interim. 20k over is a fine and points.
  3. too many variables to answer this, Vic rules probably differ to SA rules best to enquire with the RTA in SA but just why were you going so much over in a cage?
  4. Two flashes are the usual in NSW, one gets the range and the other takes the real shot, as I understand it......
  5. As of July 2000 it was $306 and 4 points for 30 km/h + above the limit, whilst $194 and 3 points for between 15 km/h and 30 km/h.

    SA is generally pretty liberal with its speeding fines, so I wouldn't expect it to have gone up too much. Though I'm happy for someone to correct me if they've recently been fined :)
  6. I thought that the camera flashes twice as two photos are taken incase the numberplate is unreadable in one. Saw a speed camera pic a while ago of a bloke speeding on a bike but a bird had flown infront of his plate as the camera went off!
  7. Hopefully your question id answered. Out of curiousity, what bike do you ride? Hope you don't speed in public streets with it :)
  8. that's correct. Tony went through one a few months ago & it flashed twice.
    However we are yet to receive any fine in the mail - perhaps his bike licence plate was unreadable due to cagers being in the way.

    Polly - can't answer your question without any more info. You haven't said if you have a full/probabtionary or learners permit. Will need to know that before we can help with your question.
  9. i was doing 90 in a 60 where it juz changes over the hill at bulladelah in nsw the come came after me, so I juz pulled over and tried to explain why... at that time it wasnt double demerit plus 30km over is immediate suspension of licence on the spot... I got off with 3 demerit and a 200 fine because I knew I was in wrong and didnt make him chase me.
    so watch out...
  10. thanks for the replies. To answer some questions, yes I am on my fulls, for about 4 years now. Never lost any points or been fined before.

    As for why I was doing so much over the limit, I only sped at that moment. I was doing the limit on the way home until I got to the road where it was really dark and a few people have died there and my friends and I previously were telling each other ghost stories where you could see a bloodied girl in your rear mirror. I got scared coz I was the only one on that road, driving alone. It was dark and when I saw some cars up ahead I sped to catch up to them coz I felt safer being around other cars on that road. Anyway, it's no excuse and I should have taken a different route home if I was scared to drive there at night.

    How long does it take for the fine to get sent out? It's been 3 weeks now.
  11. I got one yesterday from the 28/4. Sounds like you have a good case for getting out of the fine based on good record if you are willing to go to court over it although this will come at an extraordinary monetary expense to yourself.

    Otherwise, take it on the chin. If it is >30km/h which carries a 3 month suspension despite your points status, PM me and I can give you some good points (no pun intended) about this.

    In summary, based on what you have said I can almost guarantee that you will not lose your license over this if the infringement is in fact >30km/h.

    Regards, Nick
  12. If you do take it to court I don't think your ghost story will hold up :LOL:
  13. Close.

    There is a webfright about, cant recall the URL that has some funny greed camera pics.

    There was a pic of a rider who spotted the camera, shat himself, locked up and crashed in front of the camera and the operator fired the camera manually to get the pic.

    The one of the bird obscuring the plate was a car that was shot front on and a bird had flown into the shot covering the numberplate completely.

  14. Except the 10km/h. There it is, right in front of you.

    You need to meet the <10km/h and not having any priors.

    Sadly, this time, you dont fall into that category.

    I wouldn't spend too much time stressing over it though.

    I have seen 2 flashes at night where I was the only one on the road and I was exceeding the limit. I have yet to receive the fines (touch wood).
    Just because it went off, doesn't mean you will definately get a fine.

    As others have said, deal with it when it presents itself.