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Could i be the first

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Millzy555, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. First of all i constantly search this site for useful info and now since i've attained my license i'll be on the look out for some gear (KTM LC4 down the track). For now this is what i have. A Motovert RX125. I've been restoring a few Z50's lately and this tickled my fancy for a few trips to the shops and general riding around town.

    Yes they are road legal (RWC on Friday hopefully, then off to vicroads). Powered by a Lifan 125 (cheap, chinese and generally reliable). Top speed is around 80km/h with 100 easily with a few mods. For now i'm hoping to just enjoy the freedom (have a strong dirtbike background so like to hoon...abit...but with only 125cc no wheely action without an effort

    Will post a pic once i meet the requirements!

    Cheers Jordan
  2. Welcome Jordan, What part of Melbourne are you in?
  3. Thanks, im in Moonee ponds so 5 mins from the cbd.

    Here it is

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  4. Welcome to Nutrider! Although, looking at the decal on your bike, perhaps I should've said "NudeRooter". ;)
  5. Haha yeah sadly they were on there when I bought it. Not really a fan but something for the cars to look at
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  6. Actually you DO want the cars to see you
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  7. Bit bigger than a kids bike......still i'd rather this than a postie or any scooter on the market!
  8. Look what happened today.....Fully licensed!!,


    No issues so far with the bike, except first gear is useless so sprocket time it is. I dont know how people can max out at 80-90 either, i was revving its guts off at 65 (could go more but not pleasant), air filter in the works too.

    Got a lot of weird looks/ had a few chats at the lights was priceless.

    For those who are wondering the costs (i searched everywhere). to Rego this was $409 plus $75 for a RWC- not too bad considering
  9. Dunno about anyone else, but I rather fancy a couple of sets of those "parental advisory" stickers.

    They'd look good on my classic Old Fart BMW, and go well with the white beard.

    Have fun with it Millzy.
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  10. All motorcycles are for kids, Justus, it's just some are for bigger kids than others.
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