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Could he have fined me? [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Doeven09, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. The other night i was riding along Yarra Boulevard and took a corner at 65 in a 50 zone. There was a motocycle cop coming the opposite way, on the outside of the hairpin.
    Is it likely he was actually able to measure my speed?
    Luckily for me there was a crazed bmw driver trying to race me or something, going 85 just behind. I thought, crap, i am gone, my L plate had ripped off a while ago also, and i hadn't replaced it yet. I was thinking i was really f*cked. Anyway, the bmw driver either didn't see it was a cop, or he thought i was taking the corner way faster and didn't really know i was there, because next thing he drifted around the outside of me on a 35 recommended corner the second the cop had passed.
    Anyway, i thought i was gone, and was rattled by the drift maneuver, stayed at 50 for the rest of the run. The cop U turned and caught up quick, then sat behind me for a few secs before chucking on the lights. As i proceeded to pull over he must have seen the bmw driver way up ahead, still burning, because he went straight past me and hammered it. Or, as i suspect, since he got both our speeds he was grabbing my plate number and going after the bigger fish.
    Second question, should i have bailed on a side road at this point? Or would i have probably just got a big oll' well deserved fine in the mail?
    I thought he would have had my plate by now anyway, so meh, keep going at 50. About 5 mins later i get to the other end, under the bridge, right where i turn off to go back city way he has the guy pulled over. I go to pass and he sees it's me, makes stern motions for me to pull over. Damn, he's got the both of us. He comes over, with what appear to be the other guys keys in his hand, shaking them in my face, tells me "I'm bloody lucky that d*ckhead didn't kill me." All i could say was "...ok." From next few minutes of conversation with him i deduced the other guy didn't have his license, he was going 85 a few meters behind me and i was going 65. The cop let me off on the speeding because the other guy nearly killed me. But he got me for no L plate, $117, no demerits, i count myself lucky as my guess is the other guy will be walking home.
    I'm not really proud of the whole episode, i mean, any other time it could have been me going that fast. And i really don't think it ever possibly will be again. Posted it here, because i'm interested to know the exact rules regards cops catching you speeding and the handing out of fines. Also, what would i be facing as an L plater if i did get done for 15 over?

  2. i'd be waiting for the dead kittens that will start filling your letterbox!!!

    if he did not give you a ticket, your not going to get one

    but to be safe just hand yourself into the nearest cop shop

    think of the kittens
  3. You did the right thing. Had you turned off the boulevard and gone on your way, you'd probably get a fine in the mail. Exceeding the speed limit by 10 km/h or more but less than 25 km/h carries a 3 demerit point penalty. As a l-plater, you can't get any more than 5 demerit points in any 12 month period, otherwise you lose the licence for three months.
  4. You just interacted with one of the 'good' cops on our roads... Enjoy it, it might not happen again for a while!
  5. Delicious, tasty dead kittens. =D
    I guess any other slip up would probably lose me the last 2 demerits then? Good bye motorbike license...
    Does anyone have any idea of the cash fine i'd be facing if he did me for 65?
  6. 2 penalty units = $233.64 for 2009/10.
  7. I'd probably thought he is going after the other guy not me and kept going, but if i knew he would wave me down if i went past i would have turned off earlier, but really i wouldnt expect him to be booking a car and also stop me on my way past
  8. cop let me off for lanesplitting and speeding by 16 ks an hour on the proviso that i get a new rwc.. gave me a canary for my trouble but saved me a few points and a few hundred dollars.

    at no stage did he even flash hes lights, he pulled up next to me at a set of lights and said "pull over up here mate, we need to have a talk about your riding"

    was it a red unmarked bmw? copper with a beard?
  9. only asking because im sure there isnt 2 decent cops on the roads lol
  10. The BMW was white, copper was on a bike without beard.
  11. The cop didn't let you off the speeding. The truth is he never had you. On a bend with a larger vehicle around it'd never stood in court.
  12. +1

    Not even sure if they can nab you in the corners, I believe they need to get a lock on you for a min of 3 secs before it's admissible.

    Question to the OP, what did he say at the time in regards to your speed?

    ...and tip of the day, don't ever admit to what speed you were doing, even on the internet ;)
  13. should have turned away ASAP. would have saved yourself a fine

    i really doubt he could have radared you around the corner. and even if he did all u would have to say is u thought the car was going to hit you. given that the guy got caught driving dangerously its a plausible defence

    and yea what the guy above said - NEVER admit any guilt

  14. I asked that of our friendly former advisor from 'them', not long ago and he said that speed measured at any instant is all they require. No minimum lock-on time. On top of that the new '1km+' equipment can get you at any angle, turning, through trees etc.
    At least that's what they are telling us.
  15. And they assume you know nothing about how radar works. Among other things, there is something called ground clutter, aka trees, shrubs, other vehicles etc.
  16. Yeah, i was pretty interested about whether he could actually have gotten me, and whether he can just have my plate number, then burn off, with me getting the fine later in the mail.
    When he asked me "how fast do you think you were going?" I said "I think around 55."
    Admission of guilt, i know, fail. But i was shaken, and crapping myself. He scoffed, shook his head and simply said "Try sixty five."
    The guy behind me was also insanely close, apparently going 85. Truth is, i was jumping on the brakes when i thought i saw a cop on the other side of a hairpin bend, which he was on the outside of, until the last minute when i had to start cornering. Didn't have time to check the speedo. I had only a rough idea i was going around 60-ish.
    I am in uni, part time army reservist, getting insurance on my bike was cutting the budget fine, really fine. There's no way i would even try and take this kind of thing to court. But from everything i've heard, netrider and otherwise, i'm pretty sure that would have been my only option if i bailed when he went for the bmw then still fined me later.
  17. They can ping you through the trees???? Yikes.

    Actually when i thought about it later, i think the 3 second rule is only in regards to if they are following you to determine your speed.
  18. He got you. But he gave you a ticket on the spot for failing to display your plate yeah? So if he was going to was going to ticket you for speeding he would of done that on the spot too.

    He can issue a ticket through the mail, but my guess is you'll be ok this time.
    I wouldn't sweat it. :)
  19. Yeah, he said he was letting me off on the speeding but giving me a ticket for the lack of plate.
  20. if he was going to fine u he would have done it in any form - whether it be on the spot or mailed.

    in fact if u had bailed there is less chance of a fine as he will have to do more paperwork