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could have scored a free bike today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by countrycruiser V6, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. Pulled up at the local harvey norman store today next to a suzuki 600 something (cant remember exactly) as I'm removing gloves etc I notice the keys still hangin out of the storage area of the bike with various other keys on the key ring. Rider nowhere to be seen. so i locked up my bike and went into the shop. First thing I did was found the rider and let him know that his keys were still in his bike. poor bugger went bright red and took off out to retreive his keys. I thought obout the poor bugger and how i'd feel if someone had taken off with my wheels due to forgeting my key was still in my bike. first thing that goes into my pocket when I stop.
    wasnt sure whether to remove them before going into look for him so just left it as it was and hoped I could find the owner before some other clown found the same thing i did. as i left the store he was taking off down the road. After that fright he probably had enough shopping.

  2. i've done that twice :)

    but nobody will steal my POS :LOL:
  3. I've done that heaps of times and I count my lucky stars that no one has taken them or my bike.
    I've also left my helmet on my mirror overnite once and only realised when I woke up in the morning.I wanted to check but my xgirlfriend's parents were still inside the house. Had to wait for an hour before I could get out and I found it still on the mirror.
  4. What were you on a B&E? :p
    ...or was your ex a little too young to be fooling around with??? :wink:

    Nah, seriously, you must be a real scumbag to have to avoid the parents. :LOL:
  5. Should of moved it to the other end of the car park first, then gone and found him :LOL:
  6. I seem to do that all the time... always forget my bike key isnt on the rest of my keys :roll:

    Fortunately to get the bike started there's a list of about 20 detailed procedures one must go through, so chances are if someone wanted it I would have returned before they got it going. It's a a great security measure but a pain in the arse on some mornings. :LOL:
  7. I have left the keys on teh bike once. I had put my helmet on the underseat latch, and put the seat back on. went off and watched the days racing at the MotoGP. The keys were in the lock, under the helmet.

    So not easy to notice, but still on the bike.
  8. My party piece is to forget to turn my Spacy off when I park it. The key comes right out when it is in the 'on' position, so I normally put the key in, turn it, and then pull the key out and put it back in my pocket.

    I've done that a couple of times in the Adelaide CBD by accident, but I figure the appearance of my scoot is the most effective anti-theft device there is. :grin:
  9. yer going to work , left keys in the bike , total forgot all day , come to go home at 8pm at night after 11 am start , trying to find keys , and saw a note on my bike , some nice lady handed them in to the news agancy , left her number and i rang her said thanks. bike was at the train station overnight , had to catch the train to work , went to see if my bike was still there , and it wasnt , looked on the other side of the road , someone moved it to get a carpark space.
  10. Yep count me in for doing this one a few times.
    Did it at work once and a few of the guys (who ride) spotted it and wheeled it from the car park into the building and surrounded it with table and chairs in the corner of the store room.
    Took me near 20 minutes to pull all of the shit surrounding it away so I could get it out.
    They even took a picture of it and posted it on the noticeboard.

    Funny thing is I walked past my park 10 times for smoko in the car park during the day and didnt even notice it was missing. Someone had to tell me.
    That taught me a good lesson that day.

    I keep a clip on my pants now and it goes straight on that as I get off.
  11. strict asian parents! rebelious 24girl living at home who cant move out.
    and yea they probabaly wouldn't have like me
  12. :rofl: So you have NEVER met them???
    I thought things like that only happened in the movies.
  13. Carri and I went to go for a ride to sth bank coffee last week,we couldnt find Carri's keys anywhere,owing to life and work commitments,neither of us had ridden much lately.Eventually we gave up looking for Carri's keys and decided I would dink her to coffee and joked that there in the ignition maybe 8-[ ,only to find that luckily the bike had been garaged under a bike cover for last 3-4 weeks with said key in ignition :facepalm: dooooh

    Ive found keys couple of times in helmet locks and ignitions,If its a likely area or crowd :eek:hno: ,I take them to nearest public authourity,more often than not I just leave em there,they have to come back to the bike.Once I stashed them under the fairing and left my number is big texta on a piece of paper on the dash.He rang,all was cool. :grin:
  14. Hmmm....

    While waiting for a pizza pickup on Friday, I walked past a 4WD with the keys in the ignition and the engine still going. It wasn't one of those old turbo-diesels so it wasn't running to cool down.

    In Adelaide they use cars like this to catch people in a sting. They keys are usually in the door and the cops are parked nearby in an unmarked car. When the thief opens the door and starts the car, the doors lock from the inside and the Police go and pick him up.

    A little unrelated, but I was in an ATM queue behind a lady. She took her money out but forgot to finish the transaction, walking away with her cash in hand but card in the machine... I could have withdrawn to her limit if I were a dishonest fella. :cool:
  15. it probably was not that guys bike thats why he took off so quick.
  16. strict asian parents! rebelious 24girl living at home who cant move out.
    and yea they probabaly wouldn't have like me[/quote]

    haha been there done that... 17yo asian with strict parents (i was only 18)
    give her a call from the front gate so she could get the dog in side and open her bros room. then jump the fence. comando crawl under the grandma's window (really scary old lady) sneak under her dads window then around the back to her bro's room.. then had to creep thought the house with her scouting the way.... man those where the days :)
  17. I did that on my CD250U but the buggers stole the keys not the bike!
    Lucky I had spares.
  18. when i was 5 this old lady pulled out a $20 note, and another one fell out too...

    she didn't see it, so i picked it up and handed it too her! :grin:

    then she was like ow your a good boy ect ect and offerd me about 15cents to buy candy.... :roll:

    i knew that story would come in handy one day
  19. :rofl:

    this topic is hilarious!
  20. sooooo tempting..... almost rode home on a blue R1 parked at Fed square fri night!!!! :dance:
    would have given azz a run for his money.... but thought we would be good and gave the keys to the cops. Lets just hope they didn't take it for a ride!! hope the dude got it home ok!