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Could have been worse on the Monash today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Dazzler, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. I was riding back from the Parliament Smidsy gathering this afternoon along the Monash around 1:20pm.

    I was in the left lane travelling at a relaxed 100k approaching the Warrigal Rd exit lane. In front of me was a concreters tray truck, cars behind and a bus to my right. All's cruisy until a 4x2 wooden plank falls off the truck into my path. I was only two car lengths behind, so had maybe a second to decide what to do. I recall actually thinking 'countersteer-no- don't want to risk hitting it skewif when leaning' so I relaxed the wrists a bit and stood up on the pegs as I hit it. It was a big jolt, but I stayed upright and not squashed under a bus (yep, happy about that). Pulled over, sucked in a few breaths and checked out the bike- looked OK. I got back on and continued my commute.
    When I got home I had a closer look at the bike and the only damage was that my front rim had suffered a knock and was now out of round. Price of a new wheel $1,560. Might see of it can be rolled out to round again.

    Could have been worse!!

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  2. Dam mate that would have been intense, sucks about the wheel damage, maybe you ould pick up a second hand wheel from a wreckers for not as much. i used to think this was a really uncommon until a bunch of steel L beams fell off the roof of a landcruiser, i was lucky i could steer around it.

    Everyone should watch out when following utes and trailers etc.

    Good to hear your all good.
  3. Truck next to me ran over a pallet in his lane on the Monash. Spewed wood everywhere - some of it hitting me, some hitting the bike.

    Bruises on legs, scratches on lower cowl and bottom guard of bike. Lucky I didn't pick up any nails. Streetmaster sprayed the lower guard, and now you can only really see it if you look hard, but I need to get something for the cowl. Streety sugggested I find some matching nail polish at Myer - I said I'd have to go to one of those junky girly shops to find polish THAT colour (burnt orange sparkle) LOL.
  4. Loose equipment/tools/lumber/etc. is one of my biggest concerns when following a vehicle for the very reason you describe. I have to ask why you were so close to the truck in the first place? There's a chance that something coming off a vehicle travelling at $1.00 is going to strike you 'on the full' from your buffer distance you admitted to (at the very least 2 car lengths gives very little time to react). Being told the driver is being fined for not securing their load by the plod would be little or no consolation from a hospital bed nursing your wounds.

    Bugger about the rim BUT it could have been much much worse!
  5. Hi Blaise, it's a situation where all exiting traffic moves to that lane about a km out. Traffic was 'cosy' and I did have ample room between me and the next vehicle before he merged in. I've found that if I leave a gap bigger than 2 cars, then it simply encourages other vehicles to merge in front of me.

    it's just a wheel.
  6. Lucky escape for you. Try ebay or some of the wreckers in the US for the rim.
    I try not to ride behind open utes, trailers or trucks.
  7. Lucky escape Dazzler!

    I give open tray tradey vehicles a very big margin - and avoid avoid avoid ever being behind them.
  8. Can't buy that colour, which is why Streetmaster had to buy new cowls rather than repaint them when the car hit him in July. Bummer.
  9. well done on the reaction Daz. Glad you're OK.
  10. So nothing comes from this? There is no responsibility from the ass whom caused the damage? Or is it one of those "that is what insurance is for" situations.

    Very glad you survived it, and good reaction.
  11. Good quick thinking and well done on getting over it. Could have been a lot worse if you tried to steer and hit it at an angle.

    I've bolded the lesson I'm sure you've already learnt from this. Not that I'm not guilty of travelling too close from time to time but it is poor habit and this is a good reminder why.
  12. There is responsibility for the person who caused the damage, assuming Dazzler got their details. Judging from his post, he didn't get the details so therefore, though unfortunate, has to foot the bill. You ride to stay upright and staying alive, not to blame every other road user for their incapability of controlling a motor vehicle or securing their load. Regardless of who is at fault, you will usually come out second best.

    So from this, stay the fcuk away from tradies, open flat beds, open trailers and anything else that can flutter, be caught by the wind and drop in front of you.
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  13. Lucky save! Might be a stretch but maybe you could contact vicroads/citylink/whomever to ask them to view their freeway CCTV footage? Couldn't hurt I guess
  14. Glad you're ok, I was travelling over the westgate about a month ago on a really windy day, when all of a sudden a rubber mat/rug/car floor mat comes flying in front of my bike, I had no choice but to run over the top of it as traffic wad very tight and it appened very quick. it was just a mat but it felt like i was riding over a person; hell of a jolt.
  15. On closer inspection yesterday we've found a 1cm crack in the rim near the bead.
    can't be fixed. Insurance time
  16. Did you get the other vehicle details and report the incident?
    Likely to have an excess with insurance that might not make it worthwhile depending on your situation and cost of a replacement wheel. Best to check with insurance first though.
  17. Edit: ignore. Just saw the cost of a new wheel.
  18. Last Saturday by chance? Was coming home in the cage about noon and the car in front of us ran over a bit of timber and sent it flying up into the front of the wife's car (that only had a new front bumper nad respray 3 months ago) then a bit further down there was bits of blue timber like from a pallet everywhere.
  19. Might have been, but I can't remember exactly. I thought it was earlier.
  20. Ducati didnot have any of my front wheel in Australia, so they freighted a new one from Italy. First wheel sent from Ducati in Italy arrived last week, it was the wrong one. . . . repairer has re-ordered the correct wheel. more waiting!