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Could have been quite nasty

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Blaise, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. A vent to the dickwad in the dark blue cage on Pittwater Rd I avoided in my commute home last night...

    Dear Mr Cage: In future, waste a few precious minutes and drive around the fcukin' block rather than enter the wrong side of a busy divided road.

    FFS, in what universe would a cager think it's clever/safe to:
    • Take off from a red light, and then
    • Turn into the northbound bus lane and travel southbound to get to a side street during peak hour traffic?
    The intersection in question was Pittwater & Barrenjoey Rd at Mona Vale and the side street he/she so desperately wished to reach was Waratah St. I swerved into the adjacent right lane allowing the cage to slip by me on the left (I just taken off from the lights at Pittwater/Mona Vale Rd which had afforded a reasonable buffer to the trailing traffic).

    I went around the block looking for the cage to give the driver a serving but was held up at a round-about and was unable to locate the said idiot. Suffice to say that it wouldn't have been pretty if I could have found them! I didn't have time to get a numberplate (or indeed determine what brand the cage was) otherwise I would have reported the incident to the plod.

    PS. For those who might think that being in the bus lane wasn't the best place for me to be; I was turning left at the Barrenjoey/Pittwater Rd intersection.
  2. LOL and what if it was some fully sick dude and he shot you in the face for your efforts?

    Exactly that happened on the gold coast a few years back, some guy was cut off, and felt it was his duty to chase the perpetrator down to teach him the error of his ways and was shot and killed.
  3. What if the op is some fully sick bloke that shoots numpty cagers in the face? Lucky you didn't find him/her, wouldn't have wanted to read about it on the news (actually I would)
  4. Unfortunately that seems to be the mindset these days, It's why scum can rob a shop by pointing a screwdriver at someone, don't challenge or resist is the message. I'm no hero but I'm dam sure I could find something to hit the bastards with, the very act of standing up would have half the snivelling cowards run off.
    Good on ya Blaise I hope you catch the next one and give him a piece of your mind, not that it will make much difference to most of them, single cell organisms are difficult to train.
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  5. Then what does it achieve? you get lucky and its a young girl and you can lord it over her, or alternatively its someone bigger and meaner than yourself and they teach you a lesson.
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  6. ok we get it you're a perfectly balanced zen master peacehippy
  7. The question is about what it achieves. What is the probability that a yelling-at stops them from doing it again? Low. And the probability that it justifies (in their mind) driving even more dangerously toward bikes? Medium, probably.

    Seriously, play out the whole scenario, from the perspective of someone else, and the proportion of bad to good outcomes is just unacceptable, IMO.

    If you're *not* already a 'perfectly balanced zen master peacehippy', seeking and learning to become one is one of the best survival strategies around for riding.

    'He who can't control himself can't control his bike' - or something.
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  8. (and it's not about wang-measuring and chestbeating, it's about what works)
  9. Peacehippy... Quite the opposite, it takes every ounce of my being not to rage.

    Zen master... Yes.

    There was a time where I was punching car windows and worse, luckily I never came up against anyone to put me in my place, often the person I was raging at didn't even know they had wronged me they were so oblivious.

    Now I don't sweat the small stuff, if they haven't knocked me off my bike what is there to get upset about?
  10. Knocking someone else off their bike? Hitting a pedestrian stepping onto the road looking right, cos you know, thats the direction cars were MEANT to come from on the divided road?

    This isn't really as small as someone cutting you off, someone consciously chose to drive the wrong way down a divided road. Would have been worth turning to follow them to *at least* get their plates for a report.
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  11. Woah what the fcuk. I live around the area and use that road all the time (and see you on the Daytona quite often!) - I was perplexed to see how he even got there. What a total fcukwit! Sounds like he was probably off for a top-up at Dan Murphy's!
  12. You know you on netrider, right?
  13. So how big in yours then?
  14. Tell me about it... I can't for the life of me think why somebody would feel that he could safely drive south on a northbound bus lane (on a divided road) during peak hour traffic. Initially I was rattled and swerved around him which quickly changed to anger that somebody could do something so stupid to save a few minutes rather than simply driving around the block.

    That area (and intersection) is a biatch with a bus stop so close to the Pittwater Rd turn off towards Bayview at the best of times. I've spoken with local councillors in the past about the possibility of moving the bus stop a could of 100 metres up to the park only to be met with blank stares and excuses that it would take cooperation with the state government for this to be considered. The other favourite is to take the turn towards Bayview (travelling north-west) and chuck an immediate U-turn to get back to the lights at the intersection of Pittwater & Barrenjoey Rds. Only had muppets perform this maneuverwhilst I've been caging so it hasn't been a major problem but still...
  15. In the spirit of NetRider...

    Bigger than yours.......

  16. Hahaha
    Touché !
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  17. Melbourne CBD Blue Scooter Rider SY-119 you will never know how close you just came to serious injury or worse, corner of Collins and Exhibition at 5.15pm today.

    You made your hook turn on orange, a split second before a car blazed through the orange light doing about 60. My heart is still pounding after seeing that. You blame the car but you put yourself in the line of fire buddy.

    If anyone knows who this guy is please tell him he needs to to wait until the light turns red before doing his hook turn or he will become a statistic.
  18. In Melbourne they're trialling for motorbikes to be able to use the bus lanes in the morning and afternoon peak hour traffic - in some places. Good idea in my view. Saves us having to split or filter through traffic. :)
  19. #19 SteadyEddie, Oct 30, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2013
    Garido - any particular places you know this is being done?

    CBD seems like an obvious choice, in the few stretches they actually have bus lanes.

    EDIT: OP, that bloke sounds like a right git. Its amazing the length some will go to for personal convenience without contemplating possible cost..
  20. Hoddle st from the end of the eastern to Vic parade, bikes can ride in the bus lane and use the b light.