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could have been nasty

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Brmmm, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. I was out for a leisurely ride today with some Netriders. Well known road was a bit wet and at least one of us was on a cruiser.

    Too relaxed and I was not at the back and for some reason not vigilant on checking the mirrors for other riders coming through faster. Here's what happened:

    As you can see, my late apex was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly late. Nevertheless, I don't think I was the only one at fault.

    Definitely used up a bit more of my bucket of luck, but added to my bucket of experience.

    I hope others might learn from this.
  2. I don't get it... some dude undertook you and it was a near miss? Didn't look like one to me.
  3. I don't think he anticipated me moving across to the left. The wide angle makes it look like he was further away than he was.
  4. kernel hes in the left wheel trackwhen the other bike went past noy alot of room left you have seen what can happen when you overtake in the wrong spot
  5. Far as I know you don't pass on the left. Don't matter whether it's a track day or fun in the sun. Specially when the right was clear as.
  6. Brmmm,

    This was 100% not your fault in any way. Nobody should ever be overtaking you on the left. I didn't really see anything wrong with your line either, To me it just looked like you were leaving yourself a nice big buffer to play with then had an inconsiderate rider invade your space.

    Sure you could have been watching your mirrors but c'mon you don't expect your fellow riders to try that kind of move because they should know better than anyone that it's dangerous to everybody.

    P.S I've been knocked off a bike by somebody doing the same thing before. It's not cool.
  7. You just look like you were having a good ol' cruise well within the limit, nice and legal, very responsible. Children live to grow old because people like you ride nicely on public roads!

    Then mr child plougher comes through and gives you a scare. RUINING YOUR ZEN LIKE FLOATING STATE.

    I'd be pissed off too.
  8. Seriously HTFU.

    You can only be accountable for youself and don't assume another road user is going to behave a certain way. Be prepared for anything.

    On a side note I can't believe you are still holding on to such a minor incident. Deal with it on the spot or forget about (and HTFU)
  9. Was that Elininatrix on his Yak 150 hahaha
    Bloody R1 riders.
  10. Not sure what you mean by holding on.:confused:

    Just wanted to reflect on what I could learn from it. I thought maybe some more experienced riders might have some insights? Or maybe of use to other noobs?

    Sorry to be such a bother.

    PS "be prepared for anything" - OK, yes that is very helpful advice, thanks for sharing it.:applause:
  11. You don't pass on the left.

    Even if you are all over the road YOU DON"T PASS ON THE LEFT.
  12. surely the guy doing the undertaking was riding like a di@k, especially, as someone else mentioned, there was plenty of room on the right where most people choose to overtake !?!?
  13. Yeah I have a mate on a big 1000cc sports who does that to me when we're out riding in the hills. Don't ride with him much anymore.
  14. very true

    Very good taking of flame, somebody's got their flame suit on.
  15. you were not at risk. he knew what he was doing. he probably could have done it sooner but waited for the straight for your sake.
    that said, it was the wrong thing to do and he should have known better.
  16. what you can learn from it is that no matter what you are doing, right or wrong, there's always a jerk around who's prepared to do something stupid and illegal to massage his pathetic ego......

    anyone who overtakes on the left in those circumstances deserves to have the rider to his right merge in on him and leave him with a mouthful of gumleaves....
  17. You obviously got home, edited your video, posted it on youtube and then started a thread here about how it was nasty and you used up some of your luck.

    I'd say that was holding on to a minor incident. Most people I know would spend about 1.5 seconds or less thinking about what a tool he was and just move on with their life.

    This is pretty much it in a nutshell.

    Awesome to see hornet is out and about wishing other people get into possibly horrific accidents. Thumbs up!
  18. Brmmm, I certainly wouldn't hold you to be entirely at fault. Certainly, you weren't legally at fault. But as you say, it was a very late apex. I can forgive you for moving across, and I can forgive him for presuming that you knew he was there and leaving room for him. In the end, you both got a little fright but I don't think it was all that close or all that serious.

    Now wasn't the sunset a cracker after that? Didn't your first coffee / ciggie / beer taste better?

    And aren't there a lot of vocal, self-righteous experts in the world? I'm a little careful with my harsh criticism because I live in a glass house, and wear big thick boofie glasses as well. I've also carved up people when I thought they knew full well I was coming, and seemed to have moved to a specific spot just to let me through. That's not a boast, that's a slightly sheepish admission.

  19. I wish I could be as confident as you. It reminded me of this:

    And did you see the look he gave me as he went past? I really dont think he expected me to move across like that.
  20. I'm here to improve my riding, what are you here for?