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N/A | National Could Australia benefit from U.S sheriff type elections

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Was just musing to myself, about how in victoria and parts of NSW police seem out of control on traffic enforcement.

    Would we benefit as a public if we could replace police leaders by a vote similar to how the United states population elects sherriffs to be in charge of there police forces

    I thought it would be interesting to hear the pro's and cons from anyone who knows of these systems and if they would make the police more accountable for their tactics ect

  2. Most people already donkey vote in their local election. 3 elections every 3-4 years is too much for us to pay attention to. It will basically be who has the most money and can run the best campaign rather than who will do the best job.
  3. You'd have to demonstrate that the US system delivers an overall benefit to quality of life in all areas of policing. Traffic enforcement is not the be all and end all of what coppers do. I'd need to see evidence that the outcomes are any better than what we get here.

    I'm also not convinced that making a law enforcement position into a political one is a good idea in general. Without significant built in checks and balances (and even with them, to some extent), political office is not difficult to buy (expensive, possibly, difficult, no). Whilst our current system is by no means a fully effective meritocracy, I don't think there are too many short cuts to the top for the completely incompetent.
  4. Can anyone explain the deal with the Sheriffs office that we currently have? occasionally see their cars getting around but always wondering what their job was exactly.
  5. Mainly, they make it their business to piss people of and ruin their day/week.
  6. We would be run by Rotary
    It works in the states because they are very religious...and in most places a little secular.
    As for benefits like removal of speed cameras.......that's not a police choice. Radars either... Like how much fun is shooting fish in a barrel ?

    Sheriffs remove you for banks.. when your late on your mortgage........so they can keep posting billion $$$ profits per anum, while the rest of us watch out super whittle away
  7. You would make voting optional to remove donkey voting
  8. Could. Yes. Would? I dunno
  9. Hell no.

    You'd have to be psychotic to look towards the US for law enforcement ideas.
  10. Agreed. It would give more power to the loud and wealthy lobby groups, which we (motorcyclists) are not.
  11. No, the only way i'd agree isif there was a test to decide who could vote. And I got to make up the test..
  12. The Sherrif's we have continue the function of the original English Shire Reeve's the name came from - specifically shaking down peasants for money owed to the Crown.