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Cough/Spluttering of Engine

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by nodz, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Had a problem with my bike recently.
    I pull on the choke and thumb it, comes to life, first crank of the starter. Even if been standing for a week.
    Leave the choke full on for about 15 secs and can then close it, to about half way for a further 30 secs and can then close it fully. Bike will continue to run without any problems.
    Put bike into gear and then pull away, change into second gear and open throttle, bike coughs and splutters and almost stalls until close throttle and reopen. Then no problems through any gears or for rest of ride.
    At first thought it was because engine wasn't warm enough but I did try warming the bike for 5 minutes before riding off. Still happens on that first gear change and first real opening of the throttle.
    Anyone any ideas?

  2. It only sputters on first gearchange?
    Then it's fine?
    It most likely just needs a tune.
    Check the float level on the carbie and also the spark plugs.
    Another culprit maybe that the choke is't turning off completey.
    check choke cable.
  3. Could be just warming up issue with colder days in the back yard. I have the same problem on my virago. If I can't be botheret to wait for it to warm up, it keeps caughing for first couple 100s of meters. All good after that.
  4. Smee - only on the first gearchange when cold.
    Choke appears to be off properly as doesn't stall when warm.
    Almost as though that first throttle full floods the carbie.
    Checking sparks this weekend as part of routine maintenance anywy, so will see if that's the problem or not.