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**cough** News Media **cough**

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by DarkHorse, Jul 7, 2009.

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    Just heard a couple of doozeys on Ten news tonight, thought I'd start a thread for all the hopelessly inadequate, unprofessional, dishonest, poorly researched, sensationalistic or just plain crap material that our illustrious 4th estate dishes out every night:

    1) signing off on the story of the KFC shooting on the Gold Coast: "It is unclear whether the shooting was bikie related." Then why are you even mentioning it? It's unclear whether the shooting is yeast related too, but you didn't mention that...

    2) Facebook actually used as a source to describe the bleeding f*cking obvious reaction of the sister of the woman who's twins died in Perth. Facebook? You couldn't even interview her yourself? How did you think she'd be feeling? What did you expect us to think she was feeling? Do your f*cking jobs you lazy c*nts.

    So please feel free to share anything you've seen on the "news" (or current affairs) that made you laugh, cry, angry etc...

  2. Ha! My wife and I just both commented on those two things as well.

  3. Snap.

    Keep 'em coming.
  4. They got the timing wrong and started early. That's just disgraceful. Actually, I didn't even watch the news tonight since I was cooking dinner. I've got nothing. As you were.
  5. I stopped watching the news because they sensationalise the crap out of everything. Current (aka consumer and/or bogan) affairs shows are even worse. This will be a very busy thread :(
  6. ABC and SBS news are marginally better than the commercial stations.
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    i've been irked by this as well. my discontent is increasing!

    it's not news media anymore! the vast majority is 'sensationalist media'. quick sound bites for the ADD types it seems we are all turning into.

    traditional media, it's values, have been thrown out the window.

    when the likes of chnl 9, cnn, et al have to source their content from trash like tmz or twitter or face book, you know something seriously disturbing is happening....

    yesterday, for instance, font page of the huffpo: 'Australian Police In Wild Chase (VIDEO)'. it was quickly pointed out that it was yrs old, infact!

    i could cite other's...don't get me started on faux news! particularly in the US...their abysmal and bigoted reportage is equal to none. with the likes of hannity, o'reilly, beck; the level of hate in the guise of patriotism boggles the mine.

    it was rather funny to see this recently from the champions of sarah palin. an about face, if you will: Uvj-Xr0irhE[/media]]>click<

    like the rest of us didn't know this several mths ago..and yet those opposed, the rest of the world, were painted with the liberal brush...


    the new buzz world NOW is 'citizen journalism'. there are more pros than there are cons, imho. for instance, fcuk professionalism and the time it takes to research, validate sources...

    for those interested in a more eloquent take on the demise of 'journalism', i recommend adding this to your ipod:

    News 2.0 (part 1)
    Part one of Ira Basen's look at the changes to journalism now that anyone can create, report and publish news. [mp3 file: runs 49:19]

    News 2.0 (part 2)
    Part two of Ira Basen's look at the changes to journalism now that anyone can create, report and publish news. [mp3 file: runs 57:10]
  8. Don't do it, you will crash Netrider! :rofl:
  9. Commercial news is pretty bad. Channel ten in particular. I remember a few years ago watching an article about a decapitation. They showed footage of the Police dropping a football sized object into a large plastic bag. You couldn't see anything other than the object being released in the bag to drop into the bottom but still really tasteless.
  10. The obvious question which I have to ask is that if you think it's so bad then why are you watching it ???????
    If enough people ignore the it will go away.
    Also, don't waste your time writing to us about it, we all agree with you. Try writing to the Ten Network if you really want something done.
  11. How about any news media who publishes a statement from the Chinese government as 'news', when it clearly needs to be categorised under the heading of 'lies'.
  12. While you are identifying lies from politicians that are reported as news…
    So where are those WMDs in Iraq???
    The Chinese are not the only government who publish an endless string of lies.
  13. Remind me to tell you a story about that when I get back Jase. Met a very interesting guy over here at dinner one night.
  14. Cool.
    Always like a good story… :p
    BTW When are you getting back mate?
  15. 3 weeks dude! :shock: Can hardly believe it's almost over!
  16. +1

    they are the only stations I watch for news.
  17. Although I will give Ten some kudos. It's good to have news of a morning whilst I'm having my coffee, before heading off for work.

    You only get banal banter on the other two channels and abc2 presents long articles in the morning. who's got time for that of a morning?
  18. I have to agree that getting "proper" news seems to be getting harder and harder. What between the 30 second sound bite (it's down to about 10 seconds these days) on one hand and half of the bulletin being used as a thinly disguised promotion of the channel's own programmes, there's precious little of substance to be had right now.

    Good thing that we have the internet, eh?
  19. Yeah you're guaranteed to get the facts on the interweb thingy.
  20. Dougz, need your bike warmed up for you ??? :p

    Will have to come up and have coffee when you get back.

    ABC 774 after 6pm till 7pm. Best news and Current affairs.