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NSW Costs to buy an interstate bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ktulu, Oct 21, 2008.

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  2. Have my L's, about to buy all my gear, and have been pricing bikes. Looking at 2013 model Ninja 300's.

    I'm trying to work out how much and how difficult it is to buy interstate. I live in Wagga, so both Melbourne and Sydney are 4-5 hours drive away, and I have mates in Melbourne to stay with, so that's preferable.

    It seems like I'd need a blue slip and green slip. The green slip looks like about $250, the blue about $50. Is that about right?

    And then stamp duty will be about $50 too, on a $6000 bike.

    Plus another $40 or so for new plates

    And then, depending on how much rego the bike still had, Vicroads will send me a cheque for a pro-rata amount?

    Is this right? Have I missed anything? (I've budgeted and gotten a rough quote of 450-550 for comprehensive insurance too).
  3. The blue slip is the only interstate bit that you wouldn't otherwise be paying.
    The green slip price depends on your age and the bike and it doesn't matter where you're buying the bike from.
    That price for comp insurance for a learner seems cheap, but I suppose the value of the bike isn't very high.
    Go get yer bike.
  4. It's cheap because I'm 28, and it's covered under my already 65% no claim with my car.

    Will I get a pro-rata amount back on Vic insurance?
  5. I transferred my bike from Vic to SA.

    The previous owner and I both signed the Vic transfer papers and we (partner came with me) rode the bike back home.

    I took signed Vic transfer papers to the local rego office and went through the SA registration process.

    Vic plate handed in, forms filled out for cancellation of rego and refund from Vic came a few weeks later.
  6. Only true if the comparison NSW bike had no rego on it.

    Otherwise you would have to consider the cost of both registration and greenslip, as this is additional. To be fair only the remaining portion of the comparison bike needs to be considered.

    It's stupid that we still have different registration and licensing systems in different states. 30 years out of date system.