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Costco . . . whats the Melb/Vic verdict ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. So who has shopped at Cosco Docklands ???

    Is it the way of the future to keep Woolies/Coles honest ?

    For those not in the know . . .
    Its a US chain of warehouse type shopping centres starting in Aust.
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  3. I saw a snippet on the news last night and apparently they had to restock the shelves a few times. There's on thing that baffles me. Why do you need to take out a yearly membership? I suspect that's for them to onsell whatever details they take. Since when does a shop need you to be a member to buy stuff from them?
  4. From what I understand membership for this sort of thing isn't uncommon in america, so they bring it over with them
  5. I think it has something to do with the business model. They're not open to the public, only to members. NFI what difference that makes, but they seem to do it in every country they're in.

    I used to shop at Costco in Japan. It was pretty good, and was the only place where I could buy boxes of Cooper's Pale and stout. It was a lifeline back home.

    oh, and

    So don't be afraid to sign up and tick the box that says "no, you can't give my details to our partners".
  6. maybe people figure that they have paid that $60, lets make the most of it buy shopping there lots. Therefore increasing profit for costco, and the low prices make the membership worth it for the consumer... that's my take at it at a glance...

    me myself personally i'm somewhat undecided on the whole membership thing...
  7. I'm not sure, but I don't think you need membership in America for Costco...never noticed my cousin show any form of membership when we walked in, but I could be completely wrong.

    I would say membership will help keep the costs down well below retail price. I think it is only good if you have a family and require heaps of items...such as bulk buying nappies.

    For a single person... I don't think they would require a 2kg tub of Vegemite or 20 bottles of water as minimum sizes.

    Haven't shopped there, but if it's anything like the American stores...it's massive for a grocery store (something along the size of bunning or more?)

    phong =P~
  8. I don't think you need membership to look around in store just to purchase. That's what I remember from the 'news' - lol TT.

    If there was one up here, I would be interested in bulk items that don't perish. Things like nappies, toilet rolls, laundry powder etc.
    Those things that you always need, I can see a point in buying bulk, but I don't think bulk food (to an extent) would be of interest.
  9. Unless it's changed in the past couple years, you do need a membership card in the US, even to get in -- there's a person standing in the door and you have to flash your card at the time of entrance (though if you say I need to go in for some other meaningful purpose -- they'll still let you in -- though you definitely cannot buy).

    Those who are used to it swear by it, you can not only get bulk stuff for cheap, but they sell quite a bit of quality non-perishable items as well. But if you don't shop much (like me), then it's not that big of a deal -- the only reason I'd like about them coming in is just for the fact that it gives the companies here more competition.
  10. sweet.
    my experience in this shitty industry would have me believe the membership would help stop shrinkage and loss (i'm sure there's other reasons too, sending out specials brochures, passing on of personal details to other marketing agencies as someone already pointed out, etc). my second job is at a supermarket, and we lose on average like $10,000 a week in theft. it's not all the customers, of course, employee theft takes up a LOT. but having a 'doorlist' would ensure a bit more security and keep the prices down/profit margins up, which it seems is what this place is all about.
  11. on first glance, annual membership to shop is retarded! and yes, costco US still requires it.
  12. Not worth it.

    I mean, who's going to pay for the factory where I'm supposed to store all my groceries?

  13. Apparently about 15 million members worldwide, at $60 a year.

    You do the maths.
  14. What's wrong with N.Q.R. ??

  15. whats auburn/sydney verdict?
  16. I wonder if we'll get one in Mogo?
  17. i heard there is going to be 2 in mogo
  18. It looks a good thing to me. If done sensibly there's potential to save heaps, especially if shopping for a family.

    A big bootload of some bulk stuff like dunny rolls, olive oil, laundry stuff and such other assorted needs that can easily be bought in bulk also means less to carry home on smaller regular shopping trips.

    Apparently they carry plenty of brand name stuff, which is a plus to me.
  19. Agree with you there bud. I'm working in Docklands atm. Checked it out today.

    Unless your shoping in major bulk, I fail to see the point. Socks & jocks look cheap ( CK briefs ).

    Plasmas, cameras, vid cameras, laptops looked to be about the same $$ as anywhere. And def cheaper online if you know where to look.
  20. I was down Wednesday night, and in comparison there are some good prices, some average prices, some brilliant prices, and some very very ordinary prices.

    Things I noticed. Meat seafood etc, can be found cheaper at places like QV markets.

    Most of the condiments were cheaper in comparison to Woolworths, coles, etc. You need to factor in the size of the container in this though. My biggest tip is the large Tins of Nescafe blend 43.

    Fruit and Veg appeared to be of comparable quality with the big 2 supers, and the prices were average, with a couple of items being quite cheap. I'd still recommend QV markets.

    Nappies are cheaper if you do not take into account Store specials(IGA has them on special at the moment making them better priced. Baby wipes were certainly cheaper.

    Outdoor furniture was comparable to most other outdoor furniture, as was the BBQ.

    Most of the office goods were better priced the office works, some were same price, and I think the printer cartridges were more expensvie(Given I haven't bought cartridges in over 12 months),

    I didn't get to price the tv's :(

    The alcohol was about normal prices, though I did notice some significant lower prices on some of the wines, from what I would expect in the bottle-O's I frequent.

    Cleaning Chemicals were definitively cheaper at cosco's over normal package sizes in supermarkets.

    I can prattle on but that seems a fair quick breakdown.

    the store cafe was quite handy. $150 Regular sized cups of pepsi with refill for $1.50.