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Costco, Aldi and now Walmart circling

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. They are coming by the boat load, will this mark the end of Woolies, Coles and Franklins, i say yes, is this the end of small business, 100% yes, and what will happen when they go bust, Costco, Aldi and Walmart will jack the prices up 400%, i can honestly say this country is going to shit, Rudds government worse than Whitlam government?, looking that way, Liberals will make everything better? NO, what chance have we got? you tell me as i say none..

    Australian Business? We will be asking ourselves, what do we own, answer will be nothing, fair dinkum, not looking good, getting sick of the greed and mafiaism

    Just the way i feel about it
  2. I totally agree with what you have said. We're screwed.
  3. Agree 150%.

    Good for the near future with all these guys but not for the not so near future.
  4. small businesses are going bust already because of the anti-competitive business practises of Woolworth and Coles. Bring on anyone who can break their monopoly is what I say

    Coles Group Limited own: Coles, Bi-Lo, Target, Kmart, Shopfast, LiquorLand, Vintage Cellars, 1st Choice Liquor and Officeworks

    Woolworths Limited own Woolworths, Big W, Dick Smith Electronics, Tandy, BWS and Dan Murphy

    You literally cannot do your weekly shop without putting money into their corporate bank accounts. Think about that for a moment before having a moan about some competition (even if it is foreign owned)
  5. Agree with the above.

    Most businesses here are oligopolies here already as is -- Australian businesses need more competition if anything.

  6. magic words
  7. I am waiting for riders to support my small business you bunch of tight fists :)
  8. If anything we need more competition in Aust, especially in retail and banking. Introducing these chains encourages competition and reduces prices. Westfarmers and Woolworths are running an oligopoly, have far too much market power and are able to maintain high prices for this reason. International competition does place pleasure on small/local sellers but it’s up to them to add value to their services and compete on a non-price basis.

    This has nothing to do with government and everything to do with globalisation trends and international trade.
    So to the OP, the country isn’t going to shit, this is just a worldwide trend that we need to adjust to.
  9. who cares, bring it on if it means cheap beer for the masses
  10. Nah, on balance a good thing. Coles and Woolies, via collusion and anti-competitive practices have been strangling the upstream suppliers (especially primary industry) for years, and getting worse as it goes on. Lock-out deals, lead-and-cancel tactics, OS product dumping...
    Anything that breaks their combined death grip will be good for the vast number of suppliers trying to access the Australian Market. If that grip is broken, even smaller retailers will stand a chance of competing.
  11. Competition worked to the consumers benefit in telecommunications

    I say let them in

    Its a pity though that there is no Aussie entrepreneur with the $$$$ to do it though
  12. I'll hopefully be supporting your small business soon. I've checked your jeans out a bit online (here, ebay, canberrariders) and all reports seem good so far! I'm going to get some family to buy me some for my birthday next month! :)
  13. Im surprised how much basic fruits and vegetables are brought in from overseas. Especially when the quality is almost always inferior to what can be grown here. Shopping at the local F&V markets is a good start.
  14. The problem won't go away in a hurry, because we all want our strawberries year round! Until we learn to eat the things that are locally produced & in season we'll keep on being reamed by these big companies.

    Idealistic, I know.
  15. I say bring it on... Coles and Woolworths are price gouging.

    And if it causes a problem 20 years down the track then the next generation can deal with it :)
  16. Thank you Sir
  17. Dont forget to add franklins to that list iirc they are woolies owned, or used to be. Coles will(or were) be removing the bi-lo brand.

    What we need is a tesco's, but australian Legislation will not allow Tesco's to Operate on the business model they have over here. Tesco rocks. I do most of my shopping at woolworths and the local IGA. Sure IGA's a bit more expensive on some items, but they have much better specials. Then again my local Woolies is in a lower population area, and such has much more staff -> customer interaction and some good store specific specials.
  18. I haven't of Franklins for years, are they still going????

    What's so good about Tesco's? According to their wikipedia page, they are based in the Tax haven of Switzerland & have their own brand of goods a la "You'll love Coles"...?
  19. In store cafeterias with full serve hot english breakfasts... *yum*
  20. everything is in-store. You walk in the front drop of your prescription, do the groceries, collect your grog(Biggest range of grog you have ever come across), grab clothes, a lawnmower a TV, anything else you can just about think off, pick up your prescription, go to the till pay all at once. Park your Trolley in the trolley locker which is refrigerated, have your full breakfast and coffee. go home.

    You do not need to go anywhere else, everything is inside. Prices and quality in the UK were quite good in comparison. Only things I cannot recall them having were anything other than basic automotive, gardening, and hardware.

    Think of it as, Kmart + Coles + Dan Murphy's + Amcal + Spec savers ... you get the picture.