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Cost To Learn

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jeffo, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys i am about to start learning to ride and i'm just after an iodea as to how much it will cost.

    I've seen some places charge about $250 while one place i called charged $50 an hour and they reckon it takes about 12 - 14 hours. What is the difference?
  2. The prelearner course teaches you to ride. Like HART, stay up right, etc. That course is $70 and once completed you sit your Ls theory test for $34 or something, then cost of new license is $17. Thats enough to get out on some side streets and learn yourself. There are lots of new learners reading material that I read before I did my prelearners and that was a good help.

    I'd suggest waiting until you've done maybe 10-20 hours before you bother with professional one on one training. As for costs, it varies, probably 40-100 an hour. I know the instructors at HART are total legends and have so much experience to pass on its insane.
  3. Pre-learner is sufficient for most, which is usually included with learners fee.
    From memory its like 6hrs or so of practising what you will be doing in the practical

    I'd never ridden a motorbike prior to doing it, & had no problems whatsoever.

    All depends on you whether or not you do private lessons.
  4. heya jeffo.... there is a few places is brissy that you can do a q-ride course that will get you your licence.... alot of people reccomend Morgan & Wacker.... i did mine at Pro Honda, Rocklea... prices are pretty similar from memory.... the charge per hour would be with one on one instruction through
    a learn to ride guy??? q- ride is a 1 or 2 day course.... 6 to 8 hours straight of riding.... alot of people got it in 1 day.... some in 2 days.... go there without expectations and just have fun....
  5. oh yeah.. and welcome to netrider :D
  6. From what I've seen on this forum, SA seems to have the most exorbitant learning costs. :?

    $305 to do a compulsary 2 x 4hr Rider Safe L's course, and $2xx to do the one day advanced course to get your P's.

    At least you can go back to them without additional cost if you don't pass...
  7. I think i'll have to do the beginners course apparently at morgan and wacker it is 6 hours first up and then any more training is in 2 hours lots and you just keep going until you get enough skill for them to do your test. I think that you just do the test as part of the sessions.

    I don't have my own bike so i won't be able to practice on my own around the back streets
  8. I'm curious if you aren't going to get a bike, why are you learning? Just fun I guess?
  9. I'm going to get a bike just that i've never ridden and so instead of spending $3000 or so on a bike i'm going to take the lessons incase i'm really crap at it and i just never get it.

    I never said i wasn't going to get one just that i didn't have one. I figured that this was the best way as I can learn and figure it out and get some good hands on training under supervision without getting rid of my car and throwing away all my options