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Cost to import a bike??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vella_1, May 8, 2007.

  1. Hey!! Would anyone know how much would it be to import a bike (say a Goldwing) to Aust from the US ?? :grin:

  2. Suggest you first start your enquiries here: http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=4781

    Then you will need to ensure you follow the country of origin (in this case USA) terms, conditions & guidelines as well. Further to that is the method of transport you choose ie: sea/air and their relevant documents also. All these agencies will have various rates, charges, interest or processing fees.

    Note - Customs can perform audits on imports at any time up to 5 years after the initial entry. If they find incorrect declarations they will charge the duty unpaid and a penalty of up to 200%, It is important to keep all of your import documents for 5 years. Customs can impose additional major penalties if you can not produce that paperwork.
  3. A mate of mine imported an old mustang and it cost him $3,000 in transport so I guess a bike would cost less. The compliance stuff might be a bit harder though :?
  4. Goldwing - not happening as Honda holds the only compliance and will tell you where to go if you ask!

    This is of course unless you have owned and used the bike in the US for 12 consecutive months. Otherwise, bring in a mustang!
  5. Cool thanks for that Heather!! Your the best... & at your age of only 21 you know so much!! :LOL: thanks for the help :)
  6. Yeah a mate of mine email me last night about it, & said a friend of his imported his BMW & it was soooo much Bull Sh*t that go's with it! Also the compliance for Aust Stand. so it mite pay to just look for one here :? ...Thanks

  7. Thanks mate, its all too hard by the sounds of it! :( Thanks for the info :grin:
  8. Seriously though, bring in an old Mustang! Basically, you'll have to pay for shipping (can always jump in with someones consignment so you share shipping costs - agents can organise this). Beyond that you'd have to pay about 15% on the cost of the car for duty, then an additional 10% of the total cost to import (cost, duty, etc). Look how much Mustangs are going for over there, as opposed to here!
  9. Honesty why would you bother??? (its a goldwing :p )
    Is it cheaper than here after all the hassel, and you wouldn't have a warranty (if you brought new).
  10. Thanks mate, your right, i found out heaps of info (from NR), & its works out cheaper just to get one here Aust :)