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Cost to expect for paint job?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by banditbob, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Wanting to go from this horrible turqoise/blue:


    to something a little more like this


    Looks to me like a tank, tail, nose job....

    So b4 I go ringing the shops up, what kindof price do you think I'm looking at?

    btw if anyone know any good/cheap shops in brisbane, a reference would be great.
  2. i was quoted $750 for a full metallic respray with a gloss over coat on a full faired TZR, mind you the shop was a top of the line one.

    another shop quoted me $500 for the same thing, but i saw some of thier work and wasnt too pleased.

    the problem with respraying bikes is the painters dont like them because they are small more complex (dont know if that is the right word?nitpiky maybe?) and dont make as much profit as what they would spending the same time on a car.

    im not sure how much to expect them to quote you, but it would help if you took the tank tail and nose off and prepped them for painting, saves them time and you money in labour. plus it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you took part in the customisation of your bike :)
  3. Best advice is don't trust a car panel shop to respray your bike. They will definitely underquote and do a bodge job of it. As Breno said, spraying a bike is supposedly significantly harder than spraying a car due to the intricacies and curves, where as for the most part a car is flat panels.
  4. intrcate! thats the word i was looking for ;) cheers.

    and just to add, the first shop i went to specialised in resprays and airbrushing, and the 2nd was a panel beaters.
  5. Yay banditbob, you have the same bike as me! :grin: :grin:
  6. I paid $570 total for my paint job - but then it was painted by a mate of my dads.
  7. If it was me, I wouldn't bother because as soon as you are off restrictions you will be ready to upgrade anyway.

    Could you put up with it until then?
  8. I personally think that it looks fine as is...a dark metalic purple will be HOT!! but
  9. Can anyone recommend a good bike painting place in Sydney?

    I'm in the Hills area.

    The FZR has a gorgeous colour on it, but we sprayed it in my garage so there's some floaties in the paint - I think a rub back and clear coat is all that's required, but I wouldn't mind getting it done professionally.