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Cost of Spark Plugs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ARBEE, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. The cost of spark plugs for my bikes

    Yamaha XS 400 = $5
    Yamaha YZF-R6 =$11

    BMW R1100R =$18

    Now considering that BMW dont even make the spark plug why do they charge almost double to my leading edge racetrack R6 bike??

  2. Because of the letters: BMW
  3. Are they all copper electrode plugs or is the Beemer running platinum/iridiums as standard?
  4. BMW = Bust My Wallet. Wait until you find out how much batteries cost.

    Just get the NGK equivalent and save a lot. I remember when R-series NGK (as in CR9Es etc) went from $25 to $6 overnight, because a new distributor came in.
  5. Way to many variables to try and do a straight out price comparison.

    you could be comparing apples and watermelons.
  6. Absolutely, and if you want to do that, try my aircraft plugs, 4 cylinders, 2 plugs per cylinder, $80 per plug = $640, AND I have to throw them away every 80 hours. I too own an R1150R, and I don't pay any more for plugs than for my Ducati. Are you sure you are taking into account the fact that the R1150R is double plugged, i.e. 2 per cylinder?
  7. lol I remember in the early 90's when the first CBR250's were showing up... the spark plugs were $74 - $76 EACH and only available from HONDA!!

    now days some cars use the same sparkplug... and from a car dealership I have been told you can pick them up at.... $1-$2 each!!

    Average motorcycle sparkplug costs b/w $4 and $6 iridum ones will cost $14+ but there are some bikes which use unique sparkplugs (i think some 07 bikes) where they are only avalable from the bike manufacturer (though they are made by Champion, NGK etc.) and those are expensive... I mean realy expensive... I mean you better bring some personal lubricant...
  8. JD sadly no they are standard plugs, i called BMW and asked if they were running iridium plugs as standard, the answer was "No those are the really expensive ones" GULP for me $18 is expensive for standard plugs considering iridium plugs for my YZF-R6 are $22.

    The R1100R has only one spark plug per side.
  9. Yup, Munich Motorcycles have them (NGK BCPR6ES) listed at $6. I know I'm a broken record but...
  10. Doh!....you write R1100R, I read R1150R. One of us is stupid, and since you know obviously what bike you own, it must be me. I promise I'll go slam my fingers in the door as punishment.... :oops: