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Cost of restoring this CBR250rr to tip-top condition?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by superD, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, im a bit inexperienced.. (Ok VERY inexperienced) on this topic so i was hoping to get a bit of assistance.

    I may be looking to purchase this bike:-(link changed]
    (is it illegal to post the ad? Im not trying to sell it, just giving you the full information + pics)

    I emailed asking the cost of restoring the bike to original condition and his reply was:

    The parts to restore to stock would include a full set of fairings including mirrors and indicators and tail-lights and also a rear sub-frame. These items are relatively easily obtainable from any wrecker since the model is so popular. I don't know an accurate cost but I think the subframe would be between $80-$150 and fairing are:
    Left hand side Fairing =$140
    Right hand side Fairing =$140
    Top fairing =160

    That covers the sides you'll need the headlight fairing too.

    How accurate is this in regards to getting this bike to excellent condition? Anything missing?
    Also how much can i expect to pay for labor costs?

    Thanks very much :)
  2. OOps i think this is in the wrong section!

    Could i get this moved to the correct section? Sorry :oops:
  3. Condition of tyres, chain, sprockets? Thats a fair few kms for a 250, service history, when was it last serviced, hows the suspension, compression test on engine? etc. etc.

    The fairings will cost more than you've budgeted as well, and the mounting areas might not even (in fact probably aren't) in tact.

    I'd say absolute minimum of 2 grand to get it registered, but probably 3-4 to get it back to 'tip top' condition.

    If you're serious about it, go have a look, take someone who knows what they're doing, then take it to a mechanic for a full inspection as to what it needs for road worthy, and general condition analysis.
  4. wow thanks for the quick reply!

    I was hoping to calculate some rough costs first and then take it to a mechanic for a full inspection as you mentioned. I dont really know anybody with enough know-how to thoroughly give it a once over.

    But yikes 3-4gs is a lot heftier then i thought!
  5. Yeah well surry hills.. I'd get him to meet you at close motorcycles in redfern (preorganise it with them), and get them to inspect it properly and give u feedback on what needs doing. You might find it needs alot of work, you might find it needs very little.

    EITHER way, unless you have experience in bike mechanics yourself, I would avoid the whole thing - as the reason that it would be a cheap fix up bike is if you could do alot of the work yourself. At $100 labour an hour, you're not going to save yourself much money, and even if you do, its probably a repairable writeoff so you won't get your money back.

    If you want a cheap cbr, look for one in good condition with all of the consumables and servicing done, but with the fairings lightly damaged, that will bring the price down.
  6. I don't mean to be negative but unless you are really dedicated to this particular bike I wouldn't bother. Bits for this bike cost a lot and you will probably end up spending a lot more than you should.
  7. Ah thanks for ur advice. I suppose if i was a highly trained mechanic this would have been a great option but im starting to realise with my level of knowledge and experience it would jsut be too easy to lose bucketloads of cash.

    Thanks for helping me see past the low price tag :)
  8. Thanks for ur advice/input!

    To be honest i just figured it would still amount to be much cheaper then the 5k ones for sale early 90 models.

    Im considering taking it for an inspection but maybe i should just stop looking for a cheap option out?
  9. Have to agree with the other posters, though, SuperD, even after you've spent all that money, you're still just going to have a dolled up old bike! Add together the money it's going to cost to purchase it AND how much it's going to cost to do it up and spend THAT amount of money on a newer bike in good condition to begin with.

    PLUS, you're going to move on from the 250 in a year or so; you'll only get book value for the bike, whatever you spend on it.

    Quick internet tip; next time you have to post a long link like that (see how it makes the whole thread wrap sideways??) go to www.snipurl.com and shorten it. No cost, and a lot tidier :wink:.
  10. Would you like to borrow my ten-foot pole?

  11. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Ok thanks for all the help guys.

    *sigh* i guess ill have to save more money then lol
  12. 150 LHS fairing
    150 RHS fairing
    350 front Fairing
    50 Mounts and bits
    20 rubber mounts

    600 respray
    100 plastic repairs (probaly)

    i do this alot so i know the prices
  13. I was thinking of restoring my cbr as well. I've been looking around for fairings only.. Thats what I only need at this time. I got qouted $1000 for the whole set painted (Top,left,right,ducktail,brake light cover) and they'll also paint the tank to match the scheme. All this fitted...

    These also bits and peices for you to look at as well... Like mine I have the H-bar and the instument bracket as well. Those things together are about $200 already... So all up I miight be looking just under $1400 just for the cosmetics of it...
  14. This exact same ad was on bikesales over a year ago! It's still there.
    I guess that tells you something?
  15. True That's what I thought as well. When I was getting my bike and I was just looking at the rough price I'd be paying for one. But I didnt actually look at the bike coz I was in vic...

    If you're looking at a cbr at that price you'll have to quite good at the bikes workings. As I have found out the hard way... I got my bike for that price as well....

    I think with the bike in that condition the price shouldnt be as high as he's asking for it since it would cost you $1500+ to restore it... The total cost would be $5000+ anyways so why not look for one which is ~$4500. You'll get one in alot better condition....
  16. you can get fairly cheap fairing kits off ebay you just need to chech if their dodgey
  17. That cibby has been on bike sales since well before I brought my Aprilia in August, which leads me to be there may be a few problems with it. I thought of buying it also and restoring it but 3600 for a bike in that condition with that many k's I thought was rather steep
  18. hmm weird. the original link got changed to a different bike.

    The original one was one without fairings and it was listed for $1,300.

    Its gone now, sold perhaps? It was in Surry Hills, Sydney.