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Cost of replacing lock barrel

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by thegutterpoet, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. The police have recovered my beloved 99 r6. I was firstly concerned when the officer explained who he was...wondering what the devil they could want me for. Then it all became suddenly clear. They had seen someone blasting around on the bike in Melton, given chase, lost them. Then seen them again, chased and got the bike. I am unsure if they got the fiends responsible, but tell me that the bike has been taken by Bacchus Marsh Hauling company for forensics. And I must call that company to be informed when I can collect the bike.

    Collecting the bike may prove tricky, for the lock barrel has been busted open and the bike hot-wired...which leaves me where exactly?

    Can I put the wires together and ride it home? Must I get it towed or hire a trailer for my sister's car to bring it home?

    Any ideas on the cost of fixing the lock barrel? Since I have purchased another bike since, my aim would be to sell the old one.
  2. If the R6 was insured, then insurance will take care of all the repairs, just get it to an authorised repairer.

    If it wasn't and you're rich enough to buy another bike, sell it to a wrecker as is...
  3. I would think a used barrel wouldn't cost much. Maybe $100. If old one is busted u could prob just start it with a screwdriver
  4. I was insured, until June of this year. With Swann...

    I moved house in early 2012, sent a letter to Swann informing them of my change of address. Sporadically checked to ensure my payments were heading out my account each month, last check was made in May of this year, just before my lengthy european holiday (wanted to check in case anything happened when I was away).

    When the bike was nicked, I rang Swann, who told me my policy was cancelled in June of this year for non payment. Which made no sense, as I had 2500 in the account at the time, and have the statements to prove this. I mentioned my address and was told that they had not received notification. I left the conversation as I began to rant and rage about 'why the hell would you renew me for 2 more years, sending me nothing, not one call, letter or email, then suddenly stop my policy??'...

    I wrote to Swann 10 days ago to ask them to process my claim, to suggest I will backpay the missing months of payments, but as far as I am concerned, I was still insured.

    Which is where I find myself now. Having taken out a new policy with Swann for the new bike I purchased recently.

    Any advice?

    (NB. I am not rich enough to be jolly to take the bike to a wreckers, spent half my savings on the 07 r6 I now own)
  5. why did you go back with swan if they screwed you around when you actually need them?
    go to a wreckers to get new locks and fit them yourself.

  6. If you decide on this be aware you may need to take the front forks off. Replacing several motorcycle igntions in my work I have had to take the forks off in the past to access the lock fasteners. Find a service manual if you can.