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VIC Cost of registration?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BRK, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. upon looking at the vic roads site i found that registering a motorcycle comes under 'light vehicle' and costs around $500 for the year. Is this correct? If yes, why the heck does it cost so much, its only a motorcycle not a vehcle.


  2. umm...
    Ask the state government.

    Just like everything else mate.

  3. It depends on the capacity of the bike : you're talking the largest cc capacity. I guess that, justified or not, TAC thinks motorcycles are more of a financial risk (that's what most of the fee is).

  4. Its around $500 as I remembered when I paid mine...
  5. Its mostly TAC premium.
    Not so bad for us in the bush but still a ripoff compared to cars in the VL class.

    Auto CPI increase each 1 July too. :roll:
  6. It is expensive - but given that you need only one major off and you'll get it back many times over, it's not that bad. Compare the difference between a single vehicle crash in Victoria where you're covered for ambulance. medical and loss of income etc. and a single vehicle crash in other states where you have to pay for everything, it's not that bad...

    (Not commenting on the additional levy we have to pay though - or the equity compared to cars) :roll:

    (and like it or not, your chances of being injured on a bike are definitely higher than in a car)
  7. i happen to have my renewal here...

    07 hyosung gt250r in altona north, classified as a "CS Cycle" is $386.60, or an amazingly cheap 369.30 if you have a concession card.

    break down-
    rego - $34.60
    tac (incl 29.09 gst) $320
    Insurance duty $32

    I hope this helps
  8. can anyone give me a breakdown on a 125 and / or a 50cc? thanx
  9. That can't be right??

    I just renewed my rego for my 250cc FZR250 and it was only $312.

    Maybe because I live out in the country side and not in the suburbs?
  10. exactly...

    The TAC costs above are for the metropolitan region.
  11. Now that sucks ... just 'cause I'm Metro ...
  12. This is what annoys the crap outta me. That you pay a tax on a tax.

    The insurance duty is calculated on the TAC premium plus the GST. It should be calculated on the premium component only, I reckon.
  13. Do Insurance companies pay people out if they are driving unregistered vehicles or have a suspended or disqualified driver licence in Victoria?
  14. TAC might cover you for personal injury
    As for anything else nope.
  15. Probably answered a million times (I couldn't find it though).

    I just got my first registration renewal for my 600cc. A whopping $635.90 (including TAC and insurance duty).
    I currently live in the city, but have family in the country, and I was wondering if someone could comment what sort of money it would cost if it was registered in a country post code?
    (Eg. is it worth the hassel of changing?)

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    I saved about ~70 dollars regoing my bike at the family home in Mallacoota, regional vic, rather than my current living address in melb.

    All the mail gets sent to your registered address, but that isn't really a problem now that rego stickers dont exist anymore.
  17. $100 difference from city to country is about right give or take .

    Nb you also get your speeding fines sent to your registered address