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Cost of rear tyre for CB125E?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by UserInterface, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. I called to find out how much it cost to get my rear tire replaced as I got a nail in it this morning and they told me $65 as they would only need to repair it now I get a call from them and they say that they stuffed up this morning and it will be $290 as they had to replace the inner tube due to the nail I mentioned going into the inner tube. This seems very expensive to me as a new tire wouldn't even cost that much for this bike.

  2. $85 fitted, tops I would think.
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    Seems a bit excessive to me. They have to have my bike now as I can't afford it till a check clears hopefully tomorrow, but I think that they should have at least called to tell me that it was going to cost more so I could have had time today to try to arrange the money.. instead they tell me at 4:30 when its to late to do anything..

    God I hate being broke..

    Just got a call from them and they stuffed up again. reason it was so much was they did the first service on it today but it was not booked in for that till friday..
  4. Well if $290 includes the service, maybe that's not so bad. However, they don't sound like they inspire confidence in their competence so I'd be looking elsewhere for the future. Or learning to do it myself. There's not much on a CB125 that can't be tackled by a complete novice.
  5. Only reason I didn't do it myself was in case I resell. First service and tire repair I am happy with that but it means that I have to get the train today and tomorrow (maybe even Friday) as I didn't have that money to pay them. That was why I booked it in for a service on Friday in the first place.