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cost of pipes

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by xyzbigred, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. call me dumb but if aussie dollar is 90 odd cents then why are the cost of pipes so dear in aus compared to us an example is cobra street rods $408 usa $1000 aus just not sure about ordering from overseas holding me back

  2. Well the gumbyment has to take their 22%, and then there is the middleman (distributor), who adds on his 50%, then there is finally the retailer who takes his 50%.

    so a $500 pipe is $1400.

    See, it is easy isnt it!
  3. I do a bit of wood working and this kind of thing happened a lot. In the end, so many people were buying from the US that the local prices dropped by close to 50% on some items (Lie-Neilson planes for example). I don't mind the retailer/distributor making a buck but wanting to make 150 when 20 is reasonable doesn't wash with me. Anyway, market forces determine the price now.
  4. dosnt seem right does it when you can get pipes delivered from states and installed by a pro for less than what the pipes cost in aus oh well better check the exchange rate im going of shore with my cash
  5. be aware that if the order total exceeeds $1000 (AUST) then the gumbyment charges import duty.
    Can be a big shock.
  6. thanks i rang customs today and got that info was looking for hidden costs