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Cost of obtaining licence under M-GLS

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by brainz, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Anyone thinking of getting a riders licence from the 19th of March, think again:


    "Course Fees
    Stage 1 - 2 Day Learners Permit Course $795*
    Stage 2 - Check Ride $220
    Stage 3 - 2 Hour License Course (including 45min Training Session) $345†"

  2. Wow this is damn expensive .

    Thank f&@k I got my bike licence 13 years ago :)
  3. Lol that cannot be the going rate surely, just some mob taking a chance?!
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  4. Its kinda crazy how you can do a 2 hour ride around some cones and then do a written road rules test and then be able to hit the streets as a learner by yourself.

    The costs involved sure do suck, but its probably a good idea to spend more time in a safe environment learning from professionals.

    I wish someone had shown me how to ride a road bike over gravel roads, riding in traffic, riding in rain etc, instead of figuring it out myself and the wish me luck technique lol.
  5. You still won't get all that in any course...
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  6. Actually probably a business model in there. Real training in wet/dry and slow/fast tar/gravel conditions. Like a ford or Toyota proving ground. That could really work...
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  7. If you live in a rural area you don't even have to do that much. Pass a multi guess computer quiz and pay your fee - you're good to go.
  8. Nope! The senior instructor at Stay Upright who conducted my test back in September had been involved with the development of the "new rules" test. He did say that the cost would sky rocket, and it would be much harder to pass. The fleet of bikes will need to be road registered (recreational reg before) as the test will be conducted on the road, then insurance cost will go up as well, plus the multi-step structure will allow money grab as well. The sad part is the level of knowledge and practice will probably stay nearly the same, and the newly hatched learner will still be let out loose with hardly any riding skills.
  9. However some people who bumble around the car park without a clue will need to show greater skills and more awareness on the road. It will weed a few out. Remember also if you fail you will probably need to paty the fees twice
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  10. The price is not much different to going for your truck licence ! 700-1300
  11. Glad i got my riders licence when i did...
  12. Must admit I object to the idea of a compulsory course. The real issue is whether you meet the standard that they set for getting a licence, not whether you have attended a course
  13. Also i think they are trying to price young people out of getting a licence and bike.
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  14. Agree, I have long believed this to be the underlying agenda. My grandfather started motorcycling as a young man because it was the cheapest form of transport not necessarily for any love of motorcycling. Many initiatives of the Government/Safetycrats seem to be aimed at deliberately making this a more expensive pastime and so limiting entry by young riders.

    I think it is absolutely a priority to curb costs of licensing. It is all very well for people to say Well in Finland ... blah blah. There is much to be admired in the Finnish licensing and driver training model, and no one can deny for a small nation they are a powerhouse in motorsport, but we need to develop strategies for Victoria and not ape other countries blindly.

    I would be happy to see some of our motorcycle safety levy go to keeping costs of training for new riders down. Unfortunately the past has shown any form of subsidy like that is immediately pushes the price of the independent trainers up when they believe they can get a better return by taking some public monies.
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  15. Another short blat but, all I can say is the country is in debt and they are looking for any and all means necessary to take everyone's money.

    What gets me is why do the public vote these people in. Apparently this is a so called democracy. Sounds more like a hypocrisy.
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  16. So any word if this is going to be the going rate, or are Armstrongs pulling everyone's leg?

    Given that these new laws come into effect in just over a month and none of the other course providers (as far as I can see) have given an indication of their pricing, I'm guessing it's not going to be pretty.

    I'm going to make some phone calls tomorrow and find out.
  17. quite your fcuking crying EB
  18. Having done cert4 T&A ( and decided never to use said qual ) I have to agree with you about the VET / RTO scam that infests the provision of training...more about profiteering and gouging than anything else, but hey, isn't that the nature of most everything that's ever been privatised in this state.