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Cost of new bikes & importing

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vmaxer, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. It's not rocket science any more to be able to view and compare the price of anything and evrything over in the USA. Cars and bikes, along with associated spare parts are and always have been so much cheaper across the Pacific. Example 1250 Suki Bandit brand new ABS fully optioned @ $7000USA and here $13000 or there about, sump gasket for Vmax $6USA and here $28 from Yamaha, sump bolt washer $1USA and $3.30 here ......yeah you gotta be kidding right ?

    The OZ dollar is now worth more than US dollar, 6 months ago it was worth 80cents, have we seen a 20% plus drop in prices ? In fact prices would have to drop by around 40 - 50% on new bikes to bring them in line. Just about all the boys I ride with source all their parts from the USA or UK, what we want to know is how can we start importing new bikes as private individuals ? Has anyone cracked this yet, getting certification for new machines using parallel importing ?

    Cheers from Vmaxer, sick of paying way over the odds for the love of riding.
  2. I agree with vmaxer, recently replaced my chain, cost something like 200$ in Oz, so instead bought from US and cost 70$ plus postage, it's ridiculous. But import a complete bike is rather complicated, but have never done it and don't know alot of details. As far as I'm aware, vehicle need to be in your name for at least 3 month in overseas, then you need to apply for import permit, then and only then you can bring it into the country, but still my story line has alot of details missing, and hope someone who has actually done it will come in and refine/correct my post.
  3. it would help to use the search when discussing importing a whole bike.
    Lots of offhand opinions you have with little substance.
    about time you researched these forums first before offering your pearls of "wisdom"
  4. ok vmaxer, pearl of wisdom is to search the forum.
  5. I was directing that at you not vmaxer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.