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Cost of lowering a Ninja 250r?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by keesari, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Hey, I'm a short rider and looking at buying my first bike. I've found one that's had the suspension dampened so it sits a little bit lower and suits me perfectly. Does anyone know how much that costs to get done?

    Debating whether its worth focussing on the one I've found, or look at getting another one (possibly newer) and getting it lowered.

  2. I thought they came with the ability to do it stock, and in fact supply the tiny wrench needed to adjust it? It's literally just a case of turning a little bolt or something like that at the bottom of the shock

    Or are you looking for lower again?
  3. $4 ...buy a screwdriver and ram the thing into your tyre's.

    apart from that i'm not sure...perhaps find a better suited bike you don't need to adjust?
  4. Always go for the seat first. Get a motor trimmer to take height and width out of the foam and replace the cover. You can get the first 20-30mm of the overall height reduction for almost no money, and you keep the suspension working as it was designed to.

    Always focus on the end result; to get your feet on the ground. By sitting lower in the saddle, and with less leg extension to reach the ground, you might get what you want.
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  5. That's suspension preload. Not the same thing as lowering, and certainly shouldn't be used for that purpose.

    Properly lowering the bike requires replacing the rear suspension link (around $250-300), as well as moving the front shocks up the triple clamp (can't just lower one end). Of course doing so will make what is already a fairly average handling bike even worse.

    The alternative is to look at the earlier GPX 250, since the seat on that is about 3cm lower.
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  6. Baby ninjas are rather low as it is.
    I would suggest looking at a different bike given the cost and time it would take to ruin the handling.
    Not to mention scraping the shit out of the oil sump on speed bumps, gutters and other small bumps.
    Alternatively, go and sit on some really tall bikes for a reality check as to what the whole riding caper will involve.
  7. Ah cool thanks :)

    I randomly read something on another forum recently and thought preload was to do with lowering :(

    The saddle cushion idea seems pretty smart though? Definitely cheaper than the links
  8. Preload simply compresses the suspension, so it's useful for slight changes in the height of the rear when you add/remove a pillion etc. But if you compress the spring to lower the height it just leaves you with a lot less suspension travel and a tendency to bottom out and otherwise handle poorly (bit like when idiot p-platers cut the springs in their cars to make them lower)
  9. just buy a bike that you fit on, lowering ruins your handling a fair bit and ruins your resale a lot.
  10. hmm do you have your heart set on a sports bike? cause cruisers are lower seat type of a bike, if you shave foam from a seat, your butt's gonna get a work out [here come the comments] ultimately, do what suits your needs :)
  11. Not everyone will ride their bikes at 10/10ths.............most bikes can handle far more than 99% of riders anyway.

    To the OP, lower your bike but also know that things will be different...........I lowered my bike for that mix of sporty and in traffic riding. I know that the bike no longer behaves the same, my bike isnt as good at high speed, bumpy, long turns so just keep these things in mind and dont push you luck............

    Its your bike, mod it to suit you............so long as it wont become a death trap.
  12. A Ninja 250 is not most bikes.
  13. Wouldn't wanna accidentally hit any pot holes with em installed.
  14. Hold the music.................tell all non dirt bikes to stop riding. Those cruisers are a menace, cant lean and too low.

    Believe it or not, a lowered bike can still be ridden and ridden well................just keep its new limitations in mind when riding.

    Obviously when lowering it, dont go overboard...........
  15. :roll: There's a big difference between something designed to be low, and something that's been modified to be low. Like I said, a Ninja 250R is not "most bikes", as there's too much variation to make gross generalisations like that.

    The Ninja 250R has been designed to a price, which means it has suspension that is adequate for the new riders and urban riding its designed for. Altering this for the worse is only going to make the bike more dangerous to ride, and it's already not that great compared with bigger/more expensive bikes.

    Just watch the vid that Kanga posted, far better for a noob to suffer a low speed drop because they couldn't quite get their foot flat than to come off at 100kph because they've ruined the suspension.

  16. On another type of mods.......that funnily enough I just finished a couple of minutes ago is people going with lighter alloy sprocket and lighter 520 chains over the tougher but heavier steel ones..............this can be as dangerous but you hardly ever get any negativity. For me, mods is OK so long as its not going over the top. The rider must however keep this in mind when they ride.

    Weather designed to (cruiser) or modified doesnt really matter, if both bikes cant navigate through the same sized ditch or pothole...............

    Ive subscribed to his channel already and yeah ive seen that video before........I like his bike maintenance procedures.
  17. platform shoes?
  18. Give me some credit for knowing what I'm talking about. A good motor trimmer can use a denser foam to create the seat it should have been in the first place, despite being shallower. Ask John Moorhouse at Ergo Seats if you don't think it can be done. His view is that most factory seats are too soft. Most of his modified seats are actually firmer than the original but are much more supportive and comfortable over a full day's riding. OP can get a thinner seat that is still good to ride with.
  19. How about buying one of the older CBR 250RR? I haven't sit on one yet but they look like they have a lower seat position than my Ninja 250R.
  20. am not having a dig at you, but as you yourself point out, more dense makes a firmer seat, firmer 'to me' is not comfortable therefore 'MY' translation is 'your butt will feel it'