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Cost of living??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by will26, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    Hopefully going to Oz in November for a year or until I'm broke. I'm hoping to travel around on a bike for a few months before I get some fruitpicking/farm/hostel job. Would $1800 be enough to live on monthly between camping/hostels/food/booze/petrol??? Or should I accomodate for more?


  2. If you are coming over here for a working holiday, you have to have a set amount of cash available to you, or you will not be let into the country on arrival. If this is the case, have you checked out what that cash limit is??

    Is the bike going to be a rental or loaned by a mate? (that would impact on the $$'s)

    Personally, I would aim for at maybe $3,000 to $5,000 just in case. What time of year were you thinking of coming here 'cos fruit picking may be seasonal.

    Assume that you have been to the relevant web sites for a look/read??
  3. hey Tweetsterk
    Yeah I think it's something like $5000 which I have already so am not worried about that.

    Hopefully gonna try buy a bike for $6000 - $8000.

    Gonna head there this November for a year so I'm assuming that covers the fruit picking season?

    Looked at a few websites so I've got a bit of an idea of what to expect. Are campsites/hostels cheap? I guess I could also camp in the wild somewhere. Most expensive item would be petrol. So I could just about survive on $3000 a month you think?

  4. thatd be about close to what i earn a month, and I have a mortgage so that should be fine.
  5. Ah!!..ok!!...so you already have the required $$'s to get in..and you are talking about just day to day stuff??

    Camping is cheap, food is much cheaper than over your way....fuel too I would say.

    Buddy!!...$3,000 a month would be huge!!!! Faaarrrkkkk!! sorry mate.. I mis-read your post!! You can live on a LOT less that that a month!! I was talkin' 'bout total cash fall back!!....D'uh!!

    I would aim for maybe $500 to $600 a month depending on where you are... but I camp light!! :p
  6. spot on.

    Just itemise it. You can go very cheap in backpacker hostels in the larger regional centers for less than $40/night.

    As long as you cook your own stuff and dont eat out every night, you'll need about $100 per week on food.

    $100 on entertainment per week (a carton plus a few schooeys).

    I tally that at:

    $280/w accom (worst case - likely to be cheaper)
    $200 food / expenses
    = about $480/wk
    = about $1920/month

    That is being fairly generous with beer money too - you can slum it further and live on much less I reckon, and you can probably get much cheaper lodgings if you are happy to bunk in very basic dorm-style accom.
  7. You'll be fine, Will.
  8. Brilliant! Thank you all, specially for the breakdown in expenses Roaster :wink:

    Am gonna try do my own cooking, not drink too much and generally camp and bum about. Really glad to hear all this, I know I'm on the right track savings wise :grin:

  9. Hey-ya will

    Did I miss the bit about travelling the country meeting all the fab Netrider folk in each state & being shown some of the local scene. :grin:

  10. It all depends on how you can handle your money.

    I've been backpacking up the east coast, Melbourne to Townsville, on $1,000 a month, that included travel (mostly buses), backpacker hostels (can range anywhere from $15 a night to $35 a night) and drinking most nights (most hostels have a special, eg. if you stay there you get $5 jugs of beer, etc.)

    But, I've also met people who struggle on $3,000 a month.

    Difference is, they'd eat out all the time, spend money on going out to shows etc. wheras I'd just meet other backpackers, go to a free festival, cook my own food (all backpackers have a communal kitchen) etc.

    I'd say, do your research on where you're going to stay, what you're going to do etc. look at prices of things and work it out, because it could (probably will) vary greatly. One month you'll spend $1000, another you'll spend $3,000.

    Also, if you're planning to go through the center (aka across the country, or bottom to top, mostly through SA, WA and NT) get some advice from as many people as possible, and be prepared. If you take a back road and something breaks, you can be stuck there for a loooong time before someone comes past. In a 4WD or something we'd generally have a HF radio (flying doctor, emergencies, etc.), a UHF (most people have these, most common), and maybe even a 27meg (old radio used to be the standard before UHF), but on a motorbike, you can't really get all that.

    Whenever I've gone somewhere, I've always travelled with an extra two or three days of food and water, and it's saved my life before.

    Granted, we're talking 4WD here. You'd have to be very selective on a bike.

    Although, if you stick to the main roads (Stuart Highway Adelaide to Darwin or Eyre Highway, Adelaide to Perth across the plains.)

    And Adelaide to Perth = Hell of a drive. There's periods where it's hours of just straight, flat road with no visible horizon and mirages everywhere. Easy to fall asleep.
  11. Sorry mate, no way in hell will that last in the Northern Territory, i paid $5 for a ice berg lettuce at the Katherine Woolworths last week. No sh*t.

    Backpacker season is upon us yet again *groan* so prices go up. And then when wet season hits, its twice as much for "freight".

    Try Victoria or New South Wales. Much cheaper. In everything!
  12. hi tankgirl,
    Aslong as people are willing to have a drink with me I'd love to meet the netrider folks! Once I get on the road I'll keep ye all updated where I am so if there's any ride-outs or events I'll come along!
  13. Hey Stueh,
    Well I've been planning to concentrate on the Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide/Perth route, get some farming job to save money and south for awhile. I guess when the wet season is finished and I've a better idea what I'm doing I'll move up to NT for awhile.
    I'm not gonna throw my money away, if I can get it down to 1,000 a month I'll be delighted.
    I don't think I'll be ready for a trip through centre for another while tho!


  14. will26 - Travelling Diary of Oz

    Hey will
    An ongoing diary thread/blog would be pretty cool.
    I'm sure you'll find one or two people to have a drink with around the place. :wink: :grin:

  15. Hey mate, there's a lot of social meet ups and rides posted on Netrider so let us know when you're in Oz and I'm sure you'll have a few people to take you under their wing :twisted: