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cost of labour

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by acez1659, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. hi, does anyone know how much it would cost in labour to replace a switch box on the throttle side and also to replace the choke cable. i have all the parts.

  2. Nothing if you do it yourself. $35 if you buy a workshop manual and do it yourself. Otherwise you can count on $100 - $150 per hour .You would probably be charged a minimum of one hour.
  3. i got quoted $200 for both. would it be easy to replace them? the switch box seems manageable, however i might get my mechanic to replace the choke as it prob won't cost much
  4. If you havent done it before dont bother
    pay the money and get it done right,otherwise you might damage something else in
    the process,and they can usually pick or give advice on other near worn or needy parts.
  5. I love NR :)
    Guaranteed in every one of these threads are the above two viewpoints. DIY or pay a bloke.

    Unfortunately some people should not be around tools, no matter how trained they are. Some DIYers are the same.

    If you think you're capable with sockets, Allen keys, screwdrivers, hoses etc but don't know the fundamentals of carbys and internal combustion engines, spend some time on YouTube and learn about them. Then tackle the job, knowing you at least understand what should happen.

    The first few repairs may cost you than gong to the mechanics because of the cost of tools and possibly mistakes that require you to pay a pro to fix what you may have damaged.

    After that, it's not the cost savings a real petrol head cares about, it's the passion and satisfaction knowing you took the time to make sure all parts and bolts are replaced and tightened correctly, that you're not on a quota of charge out hours but most importantly, if something breaks, the hours you've spent in the past will save you countless hours towing the vehicle to a pro and organising transport to and from the place of repair.

    It may be cheaper for me to pay someone to service my vehicles than lose billable hours but where's the satisfaction in that?

    On the other hand, if you just don't care about mechanicals and only wan to ride, pay someone.
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  6. Doing even half decent ks on a bike doesn't make sense unless you do it yourself.

    If you are a "weekend" warrior, then maybe you can afford to pay a mechanic once or twice a year, but it you ride regularly it's just too expensive.

    Replacing the switch block is a 1/5 easy.

    Replacing the choke cable is maybe 2/5 if it's a difficult bike. On some bikes it will be 0.5/5
  7. I hear what you are saying. However, there is another consideration. If I attempt a repair/service and fuck it up, it's most definitely my problem and is likely to cost me much more to fix. If a mechanic fucks it up, it's their problem, and while I may be without a bike for a while I won't be any further out of pocket.

    However, having said that there are some 'jobs' everyone should do themselves on a regular basis. Namely (given you have a chain driven bike) lubing and adjusting the chain, checking fluid levels, tyre pressures and condition, checking nuts, bolts screws etc and the general condition of the bike. I am amazed at how many people (sorry to say mainly women) who don't do these basic things EVER.
  8. Labour is expensive in this country, and it isn';t just for the cost of doing something. When you pay for specialised labour, you are also paying for the knowledge already gained.

    Which is a good thing, because the alternative, as you will find if you ever try to get a bike fixed with no idea what the problem is, is that you'll pay for the time spent trying to figure it the hell out too.