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Cost of getting a licence

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fishysdc, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. I'm in SA, and cant believe the cost of getting a bike licence currently! Should have got it years ago!
    Is it a similar cost in each state? Perhaps its worth traveling to get it? Perhaps this is not allowed?

  2. Different states have different rules, you'd have to ring the road authority and see what the differences are and how much it costs/effort to get it changed from one state to another. What is the cost?
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    NSW is subsidised.

    To go from no moto licence to full licence costs about $400 - all up to meet minimum requirements. Pre L's ($90), pre p's & MOST ($180) and licence upgrade fees (various $20 - $80). This is for over 25's with an existing licence for other classes (car/truck) "in good standing".

    Add about $180 if you need to do the Green P's stage in addition, with includes a Hazard Perception Test (to move from red to green p's - $45) and the Driver Qualification Test (to move from green p's to unrestricted -$45) and the licence fees.
  4. Not sure it costs much at all in Vic.
    Maybe $20 or so.
    But depends what you are including.
    Eg training, rego, insurances etc.

    All minimal compared to what you will end up spending on bikes, helmets, gear, cameras...
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  5. Thanks all.

    In SA it appears to be mandatory to complete training courses (once optional I believe)..this is where the cost comes in (over $700).
    I know how to ride bikes, so it's just a case of what is the minimum cost to be able to ride a 450 on the road.
    Wow $20!? If this is the case, I wonder if a Vic licence can be obtained....or if the bike must be registered in Vic
  6. If it includes a couple of days training, bike hire, etc, I would expect it to cost a bit. Those damn motorbike instructors don't work for free ya know! Lol

    Training is good. It just might save your bacon!
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  7. Couple of good points made - in the scheme of things its not a lot of money, and yes the training is for our own good anyway.....
  8. Dunno what the "real" cost of the pre-learner's course is in NSW, but it is fairly heavily subsidised by the NSW Government.....
    strange, but true.

    Dunno what it's like nowadays, but back when I got my instructor's licence,15 or 16 years ago, and asked about part time work,
    I was shocked at how little the pay rate was, and you had to take out your own insurance and operate as a sub-contractor.

    At that time, I was making a fair quid out of computer/network managing for an Ozzie arm of an American cotton growing outfit, and wouldn't get out of bed for the pay rate on offer.
  9. I take it you don't hold a current car drivers license, that gives some exemptions but not for the training I think. The no riding after midnight in case you turn into a pumpkin is a new one on me though. ;) Can't think of curfews in other states.

    • Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) restricted motorcycle
    • Zero alcohol/drugs
    • Must display 'L' plates
    • Must not exceed speed limit by more than 10kph
    • Must not ride over 100kph
    • Must not incur 4 or more demerit points
    • No pillions unless your passenger is a Qualified Driving Instructor
    • Learner riders who don't already hold a driver's licence must hold a learner's permit for at least 12 months (six months for over 25 years)
    • You must not use any type of mobile phone function.
    • Holders of a learner's permit for R Date, who are under 25 years of age and who do not hold a P2 or full licence for another class must not ride a motorcycle between the hours of midnight and 5am unless they:
      • are accompanied by a Qualified Supervising Driver (QSD). For motorcycle riders, a Qualified Supervising Rider is a pillion passenger that holds an unconditional motorcycle licence for the preceding two years;
      • hold a P2 or full licence for another class; or
      • they meet the exemption criteria.
    The permit is valid for two years and you must carry it at all times whilst riding.

    You must complete the Rider Safe advanced training course within two years. If you do not complete the Rider Safe advanced course within two years you may be required to re-sit the Rider Safe basic course.

    - See more at: http://mylicence.sa.gov.au/my-motorcycle-licence/learners-permit#sthash.pBMTWJtK.dpuf
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    In QLD you used to be able to get your leaners for no extra cost at the same time you did your car learners.

    Then, you do at minimum one day of Q-ride ($200 is the cheapest I found) to get your Rs, then another day (@$200) to get your REs. Once you have the bit of paper you take it into the Transport office, they take a new photo and give you a new license for free.

    Also as someone who has dirt/farm bike experience moving into road bikes. I too knew how to ride, but didn't know how to ride on the road in traffic......even after having my opens car license for 10+ years.

    But take the course I'm doing on the weekend. It goes for 6 hours, and I guess there'll be a couple of instructors there.

    It's $199 per person with a max I think of 10, which this session on Saturday has. So that's $2000 turning over, how much is profit?

    Well.......it's a service so you pay for the instructors.
    You'd also be paying for insurance etc;
    and maintenance of the bikes/gear;
    hire of any private road area;
    any associated fees back to Q-ride, of which I'm sure there are some.

    If each instructor was paid $300 for the day prior to tax ($37.5/hr) that's $600, and say a profit of 20% is taken (dreaming but at a guess) that's $400 profit for the day, leaving $1000 to do the rest.

    Of course not all days would be booked out

  11. Pretty sure they still get paid shit money mate and the only way to make a semi decent dollar is probably to start your own business. Even then, it may not be too crash hot.

    I was leading to the fact that training organisations have business related expenses that they incur as part of trading and these have to be passed on to their customers. This includes wages, but also insurance, learner bike costs, upkeep and maint, etc, etc, etc.

    So I can understand why a licence costs what it does to achieve when training is part of the deal. I cant understand why people think it should be so inexpensive. I bet the OP doesn't work for nothing so why expect a service for nothing!
  12. does that mean that riders on Ps or 'opens' can? :D
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  13. In NSW any learner or P1 who gets caught exceeding the speed limit by any amount is walking for the next 3 months. If the points you get also put you over the points limit on your licence you are walking for longer. Max speed regardless of road limit is 90 (L and P1), and 100 (P2).

    And if you are sent to the sidelines then have to tell insurers for the next 5 years - for any car or bike policy, including CTP.

    So there you have it peeps - in NSW where L and P1 can be effectively punished thousands of dollars, and mandatory disqualled, for 1 km/h over. Guess why I only did 3000km on L's and P's and just waited till I was unrestricted before starting to ride properly.

  14. I wish it cost $20. Not sure what it is nowdays, but it was about $150 for the L's and then the same again for P's/Opens.
  15. NSW is probably the cheapest as it's subsidised.
    I suppose it amounts to what hoops you are prepared to jump through to minimise cost.
    How much did you pay for your bike?
    How much have you spent on gear?

    It begs the question >> Why do Aussies have such an aversion to paying for training that might save their bacon?
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  16. Vic I think it is:

    New Learner Permit $23.10
    Motorcycle learner permit knowledge test + booking Fee $40
    Minimum Training and Included Test and Booking Fee $240

    I think that is the bare minimum, for an L = $303.10
  17. Vicroads licence fee (which I just paid last Friday) was $29 to move from learner to restricted full licence.
    You are thinking of the private fees charged by various accredited instructors, which I thought I articulated clearly in my other post.
  18. This was for L plates. You don't have a choice now days you have to undertake training with a third party trainer to get your L's. Currently for the next couple of months at least, to move to a P is cheap and easy. When the second stage of the Graduated Licence system occurs later this year in Victoria you will be required to undertake further training and testing to get your P plates.
  19. Just went through this in VIC 6 months ago through Rider Bros at Calder Park.

    Learners: $260 midweek, $280 weekend. This is a half day riding test and a written test and includes the cost of the learner license from Vic Roads.
    License: $260 midweek, $280 weekend. This is a half day riding test and includes the cost of the license itself from Vic Roads.
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  20. Basically, and I know this is a sweeping generalisation, Ozzie blokes know already all about driving and riding, more or less from birth.... so they think.

    That's why I am much happier trying to help lady learners..... and it's good for my image being seen with young lady bike riders. too.
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