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Cost of Fit and Paint Tyga Sports Kit.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ~eM~, May 12, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am currently looking for a CBR250rr and rather limiting myself to a certain colour (not to mention price range, year make and kms) i thought i might grab a bargain (if i could) on which ever that meets my price year and kms disregarding its paintjob.

    So in doin so, i was just wondering around how much it would cost me to paint and fit one of those tyga kits for the cbr.
    On top of the 800-900aud for the kit.

    Thanks for your help guys
  2. i have the tyga kit on my cbr250rr, i love it, looks grouse, although my bike came with it on so i didnt have to worry.
    paint jobs are very hard to give an estimate on.
    one colour, ok job, might be like $100 a fairing, may be more. if you are going one color you may be able to do an alright job yourself with the know how and some confidence.
    from what i have read, heard, been told, i think you would be looking around $1500 for a good job, but im not a painter.
    best bet is to ring around a few places as trying to get a straight answer here will be difficult, not to mention the rubbish useless responses of why would u get one, ull drop your first bike bla bla bla.
  3. Say, em - perhaps have the bike for a while and get used to it. Then worry about spending mega dosh on getting it pretty. Chances are you'll do at least one stationary drop in your first few months anyway. Then you'll want a fix up on shiney new fairings. Otherwise that $1-1.5k you'll drop on fairings might be better going on a better condition, more reliable bike. Or safety gear, training. Hell as a learner worrying about the fairings would have to be lowest on my list of suggestions.

    Yeah, damn the responses of those experienced riders. They know nothing.

  4. :roll: You can't be serious??
  5. ive got the tyga T8 fairings on my bike and they give more room for a bigger rider to duck under the front fairing.

    also less space for storage in the tail.

    they are slightly unnecessary / a waste of money but gee they look great :LOL:
  6. Talk with Sumoto, I know they sell them!
  7. did ~eM~ ask do you think ill drop it? do you think its worth it? is there a reason to having a good looking bike?......not that i saw....
    i have a tyga kit on my bike purely because i like the look and wasnt keen on riding what in my opinion is a sh!t looking bike.

    im not having a go at those who are more experienced, have more knowledge, without them i would not no 80% of the things i now know about riding and some bike maintenance, but sometimes when a simple question is asked 'extra', 'unnecessary', responses are given.
  8. So the forums aren't about sharing experiences?

    Perhaps she didn't know to ask that? Perhaps she didn't think about it like that?

    Who gives a fcuk if I give my point of view, she's old enough to ride, she's old enough to discard my advice if she wants to.

    If you disagree with my advice, point out why.

    Otherwise as per what you have said to me, keep your opinion to yourself.
  9. poser :LOL:

    gee get out and ride the damn thing. That's what bloody bikes are for. TBH, I'd rather ride a Wee-strom then a Tyga kitted CBR250. Wee-stroms are UGLY :)
  10. Im sorry if i didnt make this thread a tad clearer from the start.

    I know i will drop the bike and scratches/cracks will definately happen.
    But I just wanted to know what sorta prices I will be looking at (IF) i were to fit one of those kits on.
    Which leads to whether or not its worth having after I get used to riding.

    O btw, i am a "he".
  11. Are you certain?

    One thing to consider is, last time I checked, none of the headlights that came with those kits were ADR approved.