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Cost of changing tyres?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rob53, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. What's the average cost in changing a front tyre and a rear tyre on a 250 bike?

    I ask because I now got my L's and am looking for a bike, but many listings have bikes with worn tyres, so I'm trying to figure how much should I expect in price difference with a bike with good tyres. Boy that was a mouthful!
  2. $1300-$1400 would be ballpark, for front and rear, i reckon.
  3. +air Joel! They're useless without air.

    $1600 should see the job done.
  4. About $350-400 IIRC
  5. Somewhat less than the cost of a fairing and an engine casing after your bald ones dump you in the wet :grin: .

    Seriously, I'm not sure about a 250, but my BM costs about $450 for a full set of brand name rubber, fitted (to loose wheels) and balanced. I'd expect a smaller bike to be rather less. Maybe $300 for something decent.
  6. i was quoted for around $200 for rear tyre of my vtr250
    (bridgestone batlax)
  7. I would budget $500 or less, depending on what tyres you buy.

    A friend bought Michelin Pilot powers fitted for around the $500 mark.
  8. You guys could be alot more helpful ya know. [-X
    The Guy is obviously after sensible answers to a reasonable question. :roll:

    Anyway, in answer to your question rob53 ..
    ... I'm not sure sorry :oops:

    PS: Devo .. where the fcuk do you buy your air from??
    You're getting shafted at those prices :LOL:
  9. I recently did the front and rear tyres (Dunlop D404s) on my bike, ride in / ride out, it costed about $450.
  10. Bridgestone BT45s or 92's are good commuter/occasional twisties tyre...92s warm up quicker than the 45s.

    Dunlop Alpha 10's also get a good rap from the CBR250 guys.

    Whatever you get don't skimp on tyres, it just isn't worth the savings. *cough* Dunlop Arrowmax *cough* <takes ages to warm up and get grippy>
  11. i dont know where you guys do your shopping, but i got quoted $180 for a michellin rear tyre for my zzr250.
    that was fitted...
    with the front the guy said $300

    Depends where you go and what tyre you want. If you are in sydney, check out the kawa shop there.
  12. Woah 1300 - 1600 bucks! :shock: That's steep! Started getting second thoughts about buying a bike !

    The other prices are much more reasonable which is a great relief.

    How long do the tyres usually last? (assuming the bike is not ridden hard) I'm guessing this is not an easily answered question like how long is a piece of string is.

    thanks for info so far!
  13. the guys were just having some fun mate
    of course it doesnt cost 1300 bucks a pop for tires lol
  14. I got kickass pirelli diablo tyres on for 320 fitted (both front and rear). I wouldn't pay anymore than 350 for a 250 thats for sure.
  15. they dont? :eek:
    i gotta stop buying mine from stoner, and shop around i reckon.
  16. $245 for a michelin pilot fitted ride in ride out at bikebiz

    not cheap, not expensive, but it was done with no stress in about 30 mins which i reckon is pretty good

    just make sure you get a quote from the service manager not the guys on the desk cause i got quoted $50 less over the phone than when i rocked up
  17. i got me rear done the other day cost 212 fitted plus ten dollars to get rid of tire which i reckon was a rip off but anyay from front and rear prob round 450-500
  18. WTF are you guys doing paying $250 for a tyre on a 250cc?

    Mine are $120 front and $150 rear. Pirelli Sports Demons. I rate em!!! Heaps better then the crap Arrowmax it had on when I bought it.

    The Pirelli's heat up pretty quick and have good grip. I was getting to within 5mm on the edge of the tyre with no worries and the only thing holding me back from going to the edge was my own ability. Love these tyres :grin:

    Edit: Although I'm gonna try the Dunlop Alpha's next as they get good ratings.
  19. This stuff is great! Thanks for help everyone!