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Cost of a tank re-spray... and is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Bravus, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. I've posted a couple of pics of my Bandit's tank here before, and will post more tomorrow when it's light.

    It's got a lot of surface rest where a tank protector has mostly worn away, and looks pretty crappy.

    I'm about to buy a newer bike (yay!) and sell the Bandit. I'm wondering if anyone has had a bike tank resprayed and what the cost might be. It's a metallic black that mightn't be that easy to match.

    I'm wondering whether people think it'd be worth paying the (I assume) couple of hundred bucks to fix it before selling the bike - which I expect to go for $2-3k - or whether to just leave it, on the assumption that someone in the market for something like this either won't care or will want to DIY it.
  2. I'd only paint it if I were keeping it....
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  3. I can imagine it will be closer to $400, so "No"
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  4. Agreed. If you spend $400 fixing the tank it won't add $400 to the sale value... Let someone else buy and fix it.
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  5. By the time the tank is repaired then primed. Then painted ,.close to The 350 - 400 mark as mentioned above.
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    Thanks, all, that makes sense. I'll finish pulling off the old protector, rub off as much as I can of the surface rust without further damaging the paint and put on a new protector, give the old girl a good wash and start advertising.
  7. I agree. Remove the old cruddy protector and get one that covers the carnage and then lightly machine polish the tank to make it look more presentable.
    Post up some pics when you're done.
    Good luck mate !
  8. If u hunted around I reakon u could get someone to paint a tank as a cashie for a lot less than $400
  9. And it'll probably devalue the bike further as it looks like you're trying to hide something.

    As I say to customers with cars in the same dilemma. Will you get your money back on the investment, will it get you more or will it make it easier to sell? Most of the time it'll make it easier to sell as it's neat and clean, but on something with a dollar value as that, it's expected to be a tatty around the edges.

  10. I agree. You get what you pay for really.
    If the vehicle is rough, then the sale price will reflect this.
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