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Cost of a Hyosung Ignition Barrel

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gillsy83, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. I've lost my key for the Hyosung GT250R, does anyone have any idea how much it would be to replace the key mechanism of the ignition barrel (excuse my terminology is wrong)

  2. you should be able to order a key from a dealer [mc] you can with most cars just proove ownership ?
  3. Come on this is Hyosung were talking about here.
  4. Don't you have a small metal tag or something written in the service book / manual that identifies the key's serial number so another one can be ordered from Hyosung?
  5. "All you need if you lose the keys to your comet ..."

    That easy? So much for anti-theft protection!
  6. Get real !..who would steal it ?
  7. Someone trying to do the owner a favour ... :bolt:
  8. I got a locksmith to make one for me (GS500), he used the seat lock to save dismantling the ignition. Cost bit less than $80.00.
    Luckily I lost it at work, locksmith shop across the road!
  9. Not sure if quoting yourself is bad form, but I just need to say again...

    Before you buy any parts from Hyosung, Try oversea's...

    I've just ordered a stator from Korea $110 to the door as opposed to $320 from a dealer...

    Simple thing to remember Never ever buy parts from Hyosung...
  10. Thanks for the hyosungsource link, Stigger. Very handy to know.
  11. And from recent experience, or Honda or Suzuki.

    You can get it cheaper and often faster overseas.