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Cost for respraying a petrol tank and duck tail?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jack_1313, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I understand from reading online that getting a full faired bike resprayed would cost upwards of one thousand dollars.

    However, can anybody give me a rough idea of what a reasonable price is to get just a tank and a duck tail (CB250F) resprayed professionally if I do the initial sanding back myself? I'd like to avoid getting ripped off if possible:D.

    Thanks heaps,

  2. Are you after a particular colour or not?

    Often the cheapest option is see if a panel beater is doing a car in something close to what you want and ask how much to do your stuff on the side (for cash ;)).
  3. Well, they would need to be resprayed the same color as the front mud guard, so they would have to mix a color. Otherwise, I could get the front mud guard done as well - whichever option is cheaper.

    The bike would probably be resold, though, so it might loose some value if it gets resprayed anything other than the stock color.
  4. If your based in Melb I can put you onto someone who does all that in the south east suburbs. They did a great job on my car, they also do boats, bikes and helmets.
  5. If you rub the whole thing back and do the primer/prep properly, ask a local painter to spray it might cost $400-500, I just did that with mine heaps cheaper too. Just to do the duck tail I'd be saying around $200-300 at most
  6. I got my whole bike, minus the front guard, seven panels clearcoated for $350.
    The only prep work I did was remove the fairings.
    I would expect It to be a bit more than $50 a panel for the colour coat, maybe $75 - $100 I don't know, I'm just guessing this bit
    So maybe $300 for the two panels.
    As you are selling the bike I would be reluctant to pay much more than this.
  7. could you post it up or PM me?
  8. Post it up and share the love.
  9. I'd like to know as well ... share the love !!
  10. SHARE, Damnit!! ;)
  11. Sorry Guys had a weekend away from the computer, nice ride down Peninsula with the Mornington Honda guys, every last Sunday of the month meet 9:00 am at shop.

    Details for the paint guys are:
    Exotic Kustums
    22 Frankston Gardens Drive
    Carrum Downs
    9773 5944

    Got to the website and you'll see some bikes etc.......